20 Years of Cheer at Lake Bryn Mawr NCA Camp!

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A place where you feel at home. Where tradition is at the center of every camp. Where bunkmates become friends and friends become family.

This summer, NCA is celebrating 20 years of summer camps at Lake Bryn Mawr Camp in Honesdale, Pennsylvania! When thinking about the ultimate summer camp experience, Bryn Mawr is the place that comes to mind. Campers stay in traditional wood-frame cabins, trees extend as far as the eye can see and cell phone service is limited, allowing campers to unplug for a week and enjoy the time spent with their teammates.

Jeff Brewster has been working Bryn Mawr camps from the beginning, starting as an NCA Head Instructor 20 years ago and returning year after year to run the Varsity Shop. Jeff expressed why this camp means so much to him, “Bryn Mawr holds a special place in my heart. The teams that come to NCA Bryn Mawr not only bond as a team but get the some of the best NCA staff around. The coaches that I see year after year have become friends to me and I love ending my summer seeing them feeling pride in their accomplishments every year.”

Not only does Bryn Mawr hold a special place in the hearts of the NCA Staff, coaches and campers also consider this camp location their home away from home. Coach Nichole from Hendrick Hudson High School shared, “There are a number of reasons why I choose to kick off my season with NCA at Bryn Mawr. The staff alone at Bryn Mawr is welcoming and beyond accommodating, they make you feel right at home. Another reason why we come back each year is because of the NCA Staff. They teach my kids so much but most importantly connect with them and help them find confidence as an athlete. Words can’t describe the bond that we share with NCA staff and Bryn Mawr staff.”

To celebrate, we collected photos from staff, campers and coaches that have attended this beloved camp to create a banner that captures twenty years worth of memories. This banner was signed by every camper, staff and coach that attended Lake Bryn Mawr Camp throughout the 20th summer, and will now be put on display for future campers to witness the rich history of this camp.

Here’s to 20 more years of cheer at Lake Bryn Mawr Camp!


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