Stay Smart


Stay Smart aims to provide all star cheer and dance gym owners and coaches with the best customer experience and consistency across our brands regarding housing requirements for Varsity All Star events.

Customer Guarantees

  • Lowest Room Rate Guarantee, plus an easy way to report a lower rate if you find one*
  • Block Schedules provided no less than 4 weeks prior to each 2-day event, giving teams the ability to book only the nights needed
  • Simplified booking and compliance processes
    • All housing partners have upgraded their booking and compliance tools for the 2019 – 2020 season. While each housing partner has a unique system, customers can expect a simplified process with less paperwork overall.
  • Ability to collect and use hotel loyalty points
  • No minimum night stay
    • Some premier hotel properties may require a minimum night stay for their hotel. This is not a requirement of Stay Smart.

*Lowest Room Rate Guarantee will be honored when comparable rooms are found for a lower rate. If you find a room of the same type (double, king, etc.), on the same dates, with the same included amenities (breakfast, parking, etc.) and with the same team-friendly payment and cancellation terms, please report it to the Housing Partner.

Three Tiers of Stay Smart

To find out the Stay Smart Tier of your event(s), visit the myVarsity registration portal here. Before your register, click on “More Info” from your event and you can find the Stay Smart Tier and Housing Partner listed in the Event Paperwork section.

Tier 3: Housing is not required

  • Housing services are not required, but our housing partners can assist you when needed. At these events, our housing partners may be able to negotiate benefits for your teams.
  • Over 85% of our events will be Tier 3 for the 2019 – 2020 season!

Tier 2: Housing is required with customer benefits 

  • Select Two Day Events
  • Benefits could include things like rebates, comp rooms, team rooms, etc.

Tier 1: Housing is required 

  • Worlds Bid Events
  • Select City Wide Events

Meet our Housing Partners

Varsity All Star is proud to work with three of the top housing companies in the business. Together, these three partners work with our family of Varsity All Star brands. To find out which one represents your event(s), simply visit the myVarsity registration portal here. Before your register, click on “More Info” from your event and you can find the Stay Smart Tier and Housing Partner listed in the Event Paperwork section.

Connections Housing 

  • Housing Partner for Varsity All Star offices in Charlotte, Dallas, Anaheim & Houston
  • (855) 476-6976
  • Visit Connections Housing

Tournament Housing Services

  • Housing Partner for the Varsity All Star offices in Gainesville, Raleigh & Chicago
  • (888) 536-8326
  • Visit THS

Team Travel Source


When does housing open?

Connections Housing is currently accepting team block requests. Teams may contact them at any time to being the booking process. Team Travel Source will be opening team blocks for Stay Smart Tier 1 events beginning on Monday, June 24, 2019. Visit TTS here. Tournament Housing Services will be opening team blocks for all Stay Smart events beginning on Wednesday, July 10,2019. Click here to learn more about THS.

How does a customer benefit from attending an event where housing is required?

Housing requirements at events will…

  • Ensure the event is held on the most ideal date
  • Lock in the lowest hotel rates at the premier properties
  • Guarantee hotel room types
  • Ensure hotel terms and conditions are fair and team-friendly
  • Allow you to collect and use your hotel loyalty points.

What is the purpose of a housing requirement? 

The purpose of a housing requirement is two-fold. The first purpose is to protect our customers. Having a housing requirement allows our housing partners the ability to negotiate the lowest rates, and hold those rates firm for our customers, preventing supply and demand from influencing rate changes from the time the venues are contracted until the event occurs. These negotiations also include getting the best amenities and team-friendly cancellation policies with premier hotel properties near the venue.

Secondly, the ability to secure the best space for an event in the ideal time frame is directly tied to the event producer’s ability to deliver and track hotel room nights. Cities build convention centers and venues of all sizes to bring in business. Cities measure an event’s impact on their economy based on hotel room usage. If an event can prove their positive economic impact on the city by accounting for all their participants utilizing their hotels, then the city will in turn help the event to secure the best possible dates and rates for the future. This is true for large, city-wide events, as well as smaller events in smaller cities.

"'WOW!! I can breathe! Matt was so helpful and wonderful! He is working on WSF but got us taken care of for St. Louis and Nashville. Thank you all again for your help! The owner, coaches, and parents will be very happy with your team work and selections!'" Memphis Pride
"'This is so easy I love it!'" Wylie Elite
"'I LOVE the fact that I can see the reservations booked for each of the hotels in our block.'" Indiana Ultimate
"'This is SO EASY.'" FAME