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Varsity Spirit is committed to encouraging a positive, enriching, family-oriented and memorable experience for all competition and event attendees. To ensure privacy, safety and respect for all teams, we ask your support and commitment by following the event photography rules and regulations while covering a Varsity Spirit event.

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Complete Event Photography Inquiry

Complete Event Photography Inquiry

Varsity Spirit Event Photography Rules & Regulations

  1. No backstage photography or videography at any venue. Photographers and videographers (cell phones/GoPros/etc.) are not allowed in the warmup area, backstage, or any other area that is not designated for parents & spectators. The team photographer may not also serve as the coach.
  2. Only one (1) team photographer is allowed for each performance. The team photographer may not also serve as the coach.
  3. No lighting, GoPros, tripods or drone equipment allowed.
  4. No cameras with extended lenses (telephoto, zoom extending beyond 70 mm, etc.) may be used.
  5. For events held at the Walt Disney World Resort, there is no photography allowed in the hotel rooms at any of the resort properties or in public areas such as pools, restaurants, hotel grounds, among others.
  6. Team Photographers will be required to follow the spectator group in and out of the venue and remain in the designated viewing area for spectators. There is not a separate designated area for Team photographers. Please abide by the current restrictions in place. Please note that Varsity Spirit photographers, Varsity TV and our photography partners have the sole right to center stage placement.
  7. Photographers must abide by requests of Event Staff. Please be courteous and respectful to our staff and other media.
  8. Credentials must be worn at all times while in venue. Credential is only for the team you are traveling with.
  9. No photography from this event can be offered for purchase or resold for any purpose.
  10. No video equipment or videotaping. No videos are permitted.

*Please note: Failure to follow these policies could result in removal from the venue