Varsity Spirit Launches “Pass the Mat” Campaign Promoting Sportsmanship and CommUNITY

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Feb 14, 2024

Pass The MatMEMPHIS, TN February 14, 2024 – Varsity Spirit, – a global leader in cheerleading, dance team and band apparel, camps and competitions, and yearbook, and a division of Varsity Brands – is happy to announce the launch of an exciting new campaign, “Pass the Mat,” in partnership with EZ Flex, the nation’s premier manufacturer of cheerleading mats.

“Pass the Mat” is a new initiative across Varsity Spirit aimed at celebrating and recognizing outstanding sportsmanship and unity within the cheer and dance community. The campaign spotlights CommUNITY Champions who embody the core values of sportsmanship, respect for all participants, and adherence to the rules of the sport. These champions demonstrate leadership, integrity, and kindness, actively contributing to the creation of a better and more inclusive CommUNITY through unity.

EZ Flex, as a proud sponsor and the preferred mat provider for Varsity Spirit, has generously donated mats for this initiative. These mats symbolize the prestigious honor bestowed upon the recipients and serve as a tangible reminder of their commitment to fostering a positive and supportive environment within the cheer and dance community.

Upon receiving the mat, teams are encouraged to take several actions:

  1. REGISTER: Teams are requested to register their mat by completing a form, ensuring inclusion on the CommUNITY Champions List.
  2. SIGN: Teams are invited to sign their team’s name on the back of the mat, leaving space for future recipients to add their names, fostering a sense of continuity and camaraderie.
  3. SHARE: Teams are encouraged to capture memorable moments with the mat and share them on social media platforms, tagging @varsityallstar and using the hashtags #VarsityCommUNITY and #PassTheMat.
  4. PASS THE MAT: Perhaps most importantly, teams are entrusted with the responsibility of passing the mat on to another deserving team. This process involves identifying fellow competitors who exemplify the values of sportsmanship, unity, and integrity, thereby perpetuating the spirit of the campaign and strengthening the CommUNITY as a whole.

“We are incredibly excited about launching our ‘Pass the Mat’ campaign in collaboration with EZ Flex,” said Matt Deimund, Chief Transformation Officer at Varsity Spirit. “This initiative embodies our shared commitment to promoting sportsmanship, unity, and inclusivity by athletes and coaches within the cheer and dance community. We look forward to seeing the positive impact of this campaign as teams across the nation come together to celebrate CommUNITY Champions.”

Join Varsity Spirit and EZ Flex in recognizing and celebrating the champions of sportsmanship and unity within the cheer and dance community through the “Pass the Mat” campaign. For more information about the “Pass the Mat” campaign, please visit

To learn more about how a partnership with Varsity Spirit can help drive brand awareness and preference, and generate leads, purchases, and long-term loyalty, visit Varsity Spirit’s Corporate Partnerships page.


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