What to Wear to Cheer Camp

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Just like game day or competition day, camp requires preparation, and it all begins with the perfect packing list. Your days at Summer Camp will be packed with new dances, cheers, and stunts, and the last thing you want to deal with is the stress of wondering what to wear.

[Day One] You never get a second chance at a first impression, so let’s start this week off strong! Step off the bus looking sharp in your team’s casual event/pep rally camp-wear. Organize with your team to all wear your warmups if it’s a chilly summer morning, or matching tees and shorts, and hair up in a clean sleek ponytail. A sublimated tank would be perfect for a hot summer afternoon, so everyone gets a chance to see and remember your school letters and colors. This keeps your team looking sharp but feeling comfy, which is so important for a day of travel.

[Day Two] Today’s the day to get down to business and focus on reaching goals. With lots of new material to learn and recall, you need a look that shows off your strength. Stand out and stay cool in a tank that allows your school colors to shine. Complete the look with a pair of compression shorts with a cute & bright pattern that brings energy to every class you go! Today’s the day to bring signs, poms, and megaphones to make your team’s voice be heard.

[Day Three] Third day’s the charm, and today you get to show your team’s unique style. With lots of fun activities and games happening on day three, it’s time to wear your team’s favorite unique fashion. Try a fun tee in bright pastels that says your team’s favorite quote, with an even brighter pair of Spirit Shorts. This fun and bright outfit will have your squad in even brighter spirits as they perform for their evaluations on all of the material learned this week!

[Day Four] This is game time, this is show time, this is uniform time. Today’s your day to perform your skills for everyone to see, and you need to have your Game Day look perfected. Bring your uniform shell top, skirt, bodyliner, briefs, and bow because this is your day to shine FULL OUT. Want a uniform that stays cool and wicks away moisture in the sun? To complete the Game Day Ready look, make sure the squad chooses a hairstyle that looks uniform and natural; pulled back, out of your face and make sure you’re not wearing any jewelry at all. Keep your bow facing the back & keep your makeup bold, but clean. Bright red lipstick is definitely the best way to show off your best accessory – your smile!

*Bonus Tip: If you’re bringing your new shoes to camp, make sure you wear them around the house and break them in a little bit the week before you’re at camp and on your feet all day!

No matter what you wear to camp, be sure to bring your spirit. Bows and bags are great, but a smile is the best accessory you could possibly wear. Want more ideas and tips on what to wear to camp this summer? Follow @VarsityFashions on Twitter and Instagram for tips, how-to’s, and articles about the latest summer camp style trends for your exciting camp experience.

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