#UCAstaff Camp Series: Trails End

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Hello! I’m Bryn from Pennsylvania and I am lucky enough to live near my all-time favorite camp location of the summer, Trails End. This campground is more than a just a location for cheerleading camp, as the man that everyone knows and loves, Jerry, creates a fun, unique camp experience for everyone.

For four days you are not just at cheer camp, you are in “Jerry’s little town”. After demos, Jerry always gives a personal speech to the cheerleaders and coaches, where his pride and passion truly shines through.

At this camp, everything is taught outside and each team stays in a cabin with bunk style sleeping arrangements. What better way to bond with your team then to be in one large room sharing stories and making memories? There is also a canteen where you can get yummy treats with your teammates after a full day of cheerleading. While at the canteen, you can also purchase all of the adorable UCA Camp and Pine Forest Cheerleading Camp gear – so be sure to bring some spending money for that! After coming here as a cheerleader in high school, and now having the opportunity to work the camps, I’ve learned that these added bonuses are a great way to end the day with your team.

On the third night of camp, there is a talent show where each team is able to perform an act. From dance routines, to sing-a-longs, to magic tricks – it is always a night to remember!

This year at Trails End I, I had the pleasure of being a big sister to Boyertown JV and Varsity. These girls sure knew how to bring the SPIRIT to camp! After a long day of traveling and establishing themselves within the camp on the first day, night two they brought home the BANANA! Their hard work and dedication to each other during all four days of camp really shined and allowed them to have such a successful experience. Best of luck this season!

There truly is no place like Trails End, and I hope that I get to see you in Jerry’s Little Town someday!

– @UCABryn

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