Tips for a Great Competition Season

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Cheerleaders all over the world are busy preparing for the highly anticipated 2018-19 Competition season. Now is the time to put in the work so you are feeling prepared this season. With all the hard work being put into these 2 minute and 30 second routines, we want you to have a super successful competition season! Here are some awesome tips to help you be prepared this competition season:

Focus on the details   

Something that will help put your team above others is focusing on the little details! Often, teams get caught up on focusing on the skills, but the small details are just as important! For example, when working on your routine spend time on transitions, synchronization, motion placement and sharpness. Working on the small things will make your routine much cleaner, which will give it a competitive edge.

Team Work makes the Dream Work

Bond as a team! When a team works together for a common goal the success rate will rise! Being a cohesive unit is crucial for both practice and competitions. Knowing your teammate’s strengths and weaknesses will make teamwork much easier.


Drilling your routine and knowing it like the back of your hand will help you feel prepared when taking the mat. Consistency is key when performing routines. Knowing what you need to do each time you perform a skill will help make that skill solid. It is important to remember the phrase “perfection before progression.” Drill the basics and the more challenging skills will become easier.

Be your best self

Competition Season can be very demanding on your body. But there are steps you can take to prevent taking a toll on your health. Being student athletes, it is important to manage your time wisely and get the sleep you need to recover from practice. Eat well-balanced meals so your body can get the nutrients it needs to help you feel your best during practices and competitions.

Be Confident

Trust your coaching! When you doubt yourself that is when mistakes can happen! Clearing your mind and reassuring yourself that you know what to do will increase your confidence as a team and as an individual. Whether it’s the first competition of the season or the last, take it section by section and do what you know how to do.

Be physically prepared

Cheerleading routines are both a test of stamina and strength. Repetition and practice will help build your endurance throughout routines. Not only will your ability to perform the routine improve, so will your skills. As your strength goes up, skills you once found hard will become much easier to perform. Check out VarsityFit for some awesome workouts!

Wishing you the best of luck this competition season! – The UCA Twins
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