Game Time vs. Crowdleader® — Which is Right for Me?

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Game Time vs. Crowdleader® — Which is Right for Me?

Who can resist the feeling of being under the bright lights cheering your team on to victory? You prepare week in and week out for entertaining your game day fans. From the time-out dance that makes your crowd go wild to the sideline cheer that gets your crowd on its feet to your triumphant fight song signaling you scored, you have put in all the prep time needed to take what you know from the sideline right onto the competition floor!

How? What do you have to do? What division(s) would that be? We’ve got the answers!

At USA, you have even more options with our newly revamped Game Time divisions, as well as our tried and true Crowdleader® division. If you’ve been to USA Nationals, Crowdleader® is that high energy division that closes our show! Below is a break down to help you decide which divisions are right for you.

 What is Required to Perform?

For Game Time, the categories, and thus performances, are separate. Each has a 1 minute and 15 second time limit. You can choose to enter 1, 2 or all three of the categories below:

Check out the full Game Time web page for rules and guidelines >> CLICK HERE.

For Crowdleader®, you will perform all categories in one mega performance! You have the option of having your whole program on the floor together for a dynamic performance showcasing Varsity and JV from cheer, song/pom, dance, pep flags and you can incorporate mascots and drum majors! This is unity brought to life!

Do I Perform at Regionals? Is this Part of Nationals? Do I Need to Qualify?

For Game Time, you can opt to perform at select USA Regionals at an affordable cost to get time on the floor and valuable feedback on your performance(s). Game Time has its own Game Time Championship that takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center on February 24! No qualification is necessary to be part of USA Game Time Championship!

For Crowdleader®, teams must submit a video entry to qualify for Spirit Nationals. Teams submitting a video will receive written comments on their performance, in addition to a score. The performance must be a “live” unedited version.

Any Crowdleader® Team may perform in “exhibition” at a USA one-day Regional competition at no cost. Formal registration for the event is required by the early bird registration deadline for that event, which is 21 days on or before the event date. There is a limit as to how many exhibitions are allowed in one season. To register a team, please request a registration form by emailing The team may film their performance as their submission for video qualification!

So whether you decide to dip your pom in this year and go for one or a couple of the Game Time categories or you dive in to the Crowdleader® division, the bottom line is that it’s fun, you enhance skills utilized at every game in front of any crowd and it builds leadership and confidence. Go for it!

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