Game Day Fuel: Foods that Keep You Energized 

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Game Day Fuel: Foods that Keep you Energized

By: Megan Broomfield

There’s certainly nothing more exciting than game day! From the electric energy coming from the crowd to the action on the field, game day is certainly a high-energy filled event. In order to keep you at the top of your game and support your favorite team, you need to be fueled by foods that will allow you to keep up that enthusiasm. Here is a list of 5 food combinations that you can power up on before the big game to keep the crowd on their feet!

  1. Whole Grain Crackers and Cheese

Whole grain crackers contain carbohydrates, which are a main energy source for your body. Foods containing complex carbs in particular, such as whole-grain products, can keep your body feeling fuller for longer. A delicious way to get energized before heading out onto the court or field!

  1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

This combination of protein from peanut butter, carbohydrates from bread, and flavorful jelly is sure to keep you on your feet all day. Protein is needed to support and repair your hard working muscles, so be sure to choose foods that are high in protein when fueling up.

  1. Yogurt and a Banana

“Go bananas” at the big game by eating a banana beforehand! Bananas are a great source of potassium, which helps keep the water balance in your body steady, and yogurt adds a bit of sweetness to this combination.

  1. Wrap with Turkey, Cheese and Lettuce

A sandwich wrap with a protein like turkey, sources of vitamins like lettuce, and a source of calcium like cheese can be a fun way to switch up your snack game and also ensure you remain fueled all day. You can also add hummus or mayo to your wrap to add more flavor.

  1. Apples and Peanut Butter

A classic go-to snack, protein-packed peanut butter and fiber-rich apples are a great snack duo to keep you full and energized. With easy, pre-packaged portions of peanut butter available at local grocery stores, this snack is also perfect if you need one that you can pack for later!

Power Up Tip: Don’t forget to keep hydrated! Water is key to maintaining your body’s functions of moving around vitamins and minerals, maintaining your temperature, and so much more.



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