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This season, we are renewing our commitment to the Be A Fan campaign! We watched last season as more than 3,000 fans took the pledge to put down the cameras, tablets and phones, and instead dance, clap, yell and sing along as your favorite teams performed. And – wow – what a difference it made! Athletes and coaches alike have raved about the energy and excitement!

Competitive cheer and dance require such a high-intensity performance, and athletes absolutely feed off of the crowd’s involvement. The Be A Fan campaign supports the athlete’s desire to perform for a vibrant and energetic audience. Varsity All Star invites you to join the Be A Fan movement again this season. It’s simple, easy and best of all – fun! Here’s how:

Designate your paparazzi! Plan ahead to designate ONE fan photographer per team so everyone else can watch live. Fill up the fan zone or rock out in your seating section and GET LOUD for your teams!

Take the pledge! Pledge to be enthusiastically devoted to your team during their performance! Clap your hands, stomp your feet, dance to the beat – let down your guard and have some fun! Athletes thrive on positive energy and spirit, and this is the time to create that for them! Be a good example of sportsmanship by encouraging other teams, too!

Make it official! Go to and print out your very own (FREE!) Be A Fan certificate! Share your commitment on social media using the hashtag #beafan!

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