Ace Your College Dance Tryout

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Are you a senior, or even an eager, interested junior in high school? Are you looking to continue your dance career past high school? If so, this is the article for you! To ace your tryout at the collegiate level, you must first be prepared. There is not a single feeling that is worse than being unprepared, especially for something this important- something that can decide your future. The following tips, written by collegiate dancers, are geared to lead you toward success!

Register for the Teams College Prep Clinic

Often, the teams that you are interested in auditioning for will host college preparatory clinics in the spring. These clinics normally proceed the team’s tryout date, and they are absolutely optional- unless, that is, you want an edge up on the competition. Not only are the program’s expectations made clear throughout the clinic, but you will be able to fully experience the team’s style of dance, learn details concerning their tryout process, and meet members of the team. Always maintain positive contact, and don’t waste this special opportunity!

Learn the Schools Fight Song (Band Chant)- with words!

At many collegiate tryouts, teams will require you to display knowledge of their school’s fight song or band chant. Although some programs will teach their fight song at the actual tryout, it is definitely better to know it beforehand. After all, you might be trying out with a group of veterans that have performed the fight song for three years. Fortunately, many collegiate programs choose to teach the fight song at their preparatory clinic.

Improve Your Technique

Never, under any circumstances, become complacent with your technique. There is always room to improve, especially when aspiring to become a collegiate dancer. You are not in high school anymore, and the expectations you must meet have been drastically raised. Practice your turns, practice your jumps, practice your leaps, and especially practice special skills that could set you apart- besides, you never know which skills will be choreographed into your tryout.

Get the Collegiate Look

Have you ever watched a college football game on ESPN? If you have, then you’ve probably noticed the televised clips of cheerleaders and dancers on the sideline- and, their close-up debuts. In the collegiate world, you will most likely be televised. Not only will 60,000+ fans see your shining face on the field or court, but so will the thousands watching behind a television screen. With this being said, it is extremely important that you look your best at a collegiate tryout. This means that your physical appearance and body composition, hair, makeup, and choice of attire is key- the coaches or judges, unfortunately, are not yet aware of your “dedicated, extreme work ethic” nor your “bubbly personality”. As shallow as it may seem, they are judging your appearance. If you want this opportunity, you must be willing to work for it! Eat right, sleep often, and exercise regularly- this will be the start of your collegiate success.

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