10 Things To Do Every Day This Summer

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Do you ever feel like the day just slips away from you? That you get ready for bed and think to yourself, what did I even do today?

Here are 10 ways to ensure your days don’t just pass you by this summer!
  1. MAKE YOUR BED: By starting off each morning with a simple task of making your bed, you have already began your day by being productive, which leads to overall happiness and productivity.
  2. EAT BREAKFAST: Make sure you start off each morning with fulfilling breakfast. This will help maximize your energy throughout the day.
  3. READ A BOOK: Find a book that you would enjoy and set aside time out of each day to read 10 pages or even a chapter.
  4. STAY HYDRATED: The summer always brings on hot temperatures and many times we can forget to drink water and keep ourselves hydrated.
  5. EXERCISE: Whether you go for a walk or ride your bike, a daily exercise is great for your health and overall wellbeing.
  6. PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE: Set aside time each day, where you put down your phone and focus on yourself. No answering emails, phones calls or checking up on social media.
  7. SOCIALIZE: Take the time to reach out to a friend or family member. Make plans with those peers you are interacting with.
  8. SMILE: Many times we can find ourselves in stressful situations or even gloomy days that change our mood. Remind yourself to smile or laugh each day. You can even create a journal with things that make you smile or reach out to a friend who you know makes you laugh.
  9. YOU TIME: Set aside 15 minutes each day where you focus only on yourself. Whether it is waking up earlier to enjoy your coffee by yourself, meditation or even yoga. Giving yourself time to relax and gather your thoughts each day will help you with your mental clarity.
  10. CREATE A GOAL: Set a goal for yourself each day, whether you decide what it will be each morning or make a list on items you want to accomplish this summer. Your goal can be as simple as putting down your phone by 9PM so that you can get a goodnight rest or organizing a room. Creating and achieving our goals help us set a direction of what we want to accomplish.

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