What to Wear on FUN Day!

We are going on a JOURNEY at NCA Summer Camp to explore what makes us great! Discover the importance of respect, hard work, encouragement, confidence and just having fun. Speaking of fun, here are some outfit ideas to plan for FUN DAY at camp:

  • Take flight as PILOTS
  • Set sail as SAILORS
  • Shoot for the stars as ASTRONAUTS
  • Stay on track as TRAIN CONDUCTORS
  • Explore new frontiers as EXPLORERS
  • Enjoy seeing new things as TOURISTS
  • Discover something new as SCUBA DIVERS
  • Set a course for success as OLYMPIC ATHLETES
  • Get creative and have FUN!

What to Bring

  • A great attitude!
  • Camp Wear
  • Cheer Shoes
  • Water Bottle
  • Fun Day Outfit – see below for ideas on what to wear!
  • Game Day Props such as poms, signs, megaphones and flags


What to Expect? What’s NEW?

  • The NCA Game Day Experience now has more in-depth training on encouraging crowd participation and applying game day elements to the sidelines. We have revamped these classes to be more interactive and detail oriented so your team can get those fans in the stands on their feet!
  • More transitional stunts for all skill levels so your team can progress safely and efficiently.
  • NCA’s top tier Team Time experience is focusing more on the importance of social and emotional learning. Our goal is to build a stronger team of leaders that uplift the rest of their student body.
  • NCA has revamped the dances taught at summer camp with better material retention in mind.
  • Situational Chants and training to easily transition mid-play during Game Day.

"'There are a number of reasons why I choose to kick off my season with NCA. The staff alone are welcoming and beyond accommodating! They make you feel right at home. The NCA Staff teach my kids so much but most importantly connect with them and help them find confidence as an athlete and then as a team and program! They make it a point to know they names by the end of Day 1, and just a little detail like that leaves a lasting impression on high school athletes! One of my favorite parts of camp is watching the athletes bond with the buddy and other teams that attend camp. We  will of course come back next year simply because of the bond that we share with NCA Staff!'" Coach NicoleHendrick Hudson High School
"'We ALWAYS choose NCA! They love on our people and care for our general safety and experience! It’s unbelievable how staff can change the dynamic of our team and become an extended part of it!'" CoachFrenship High School
"'Months after NCA Camp I would still find them reminiscing about funny things that happened or memories they created those four days together. They cleaned up basic skills, learned more advanced skills and ultimately learned how to be teammates to each other.  The bond we form with our buddy carries through the entire year and behind. They ask me after we run a full out or after a competition if I think our buddy would be proud and my answer truly matters to them. From a coaching standpoint we leave camp with enough game material that I am able to focus on competition choreography from the moment we get home. I cannot imagine starting my season out anywhere besides NCA Camp.'" Coach JenaStarpoint High School
"'I just loved how engaged the entire NCA staff was! They were constantly walking around, jumping in to assist, and providing super constructive feedback. The girls truly appreciated their help when they were actively showing them how to make changes to their stunting technique, cheer and chants, and overall form.'" Coach
"'Loved it all but the team time was great. I love how NCA focuses on helping the athletes be good people as well. This very much fits my coaching style and I love carrying over some of the things we do at camp.'" Coach


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