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February 28 – March 1, 2020

2020 Championship Information

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Crossover & Level Eligibility Policy

Crossover Policy

Crossovers WILL BE ALLOWED given the following restrictions:

  • Athlete competing in a USASF division may only crossover into another USASF division within the same level (exception: L4.2 athletes may only crossover to L2, L3, and L4). For the sake of this policy, L5 and L5R will be considered one level.
  • Athletes competing in a USASF division may only crossover to an IASF division if that division is one level up, one level down, or the same level. (ex: L2 athlete may crossover to an L1, L2, or L3 team)
  • Athletes competing in an IASF division may not crossover to another IASF division.
  • In USASF divisions, a maximum of five crossover athletes is allowed per team. (exception: L5 Junior team – not L5 Junior Restricted – are allowed a maximum of 8 crossovers. Other L5 divisions may only exceed 5 crossovers if they all come from a L5 Junior team).
  • In IASF divisions, there is no maximum number of crossover athletes allowed.
  • Athletes competing in an All Star Prep division are not bound by the crossover rules listed above.
  • An athlete competing in an All Star Prep division or All Star Novice division may not crossover to an All Star Elite division.
  • An athlete may represent a maximum of three teams, but may not represent more than two USASF teams or more than one IASF team.

Level Eligibility Policy

All teams must compete in their legitimate USASF level. Teams that move to a lower USASF level prior to attending NCA Nationals are allowed to do so, provided they competed at least once in their new level at one or more USASF competitions. This policy also applies to teams who typically compete in Club divisions but move to an International divisions for NCA Nationals. Should a team’s Level Eligibility be questioned by another program, NCA will request documentation of that team’s participation at a previous event


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About NCA All-Star Nationals

In addition to being the most prestigious in the industry, NCA All-Star Nationals is the largest All-Star Cheerleading National Championship in the country, hosting over 25,000 participants and 38,000 spectators each year.

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