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February 26 – 28, 2021 | Dallas, TX

2020 Championship Information

Championship Information

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Housing Information

Stay Smart aims to provide All Star Cheer and Dance coaches with the best customer experience regarding housing requirements for Varsity All Star events.
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Housing Requirements FAQ:

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For questions about housing, please call Connections Housing at 855.404.2433. For all team blocks of 10+ rooms, please contact Lorra at

Crossover & Level Eligibility Policy


Crossovers WILL BE ALLOWED at NCA All-Star Nationals given the restrictions listed below.

    1. Athlete competing in a USASF standard division may only crossover into another USASF standard division within the same level.
      • Exception: L4.2 may only crossover to L2, L3, and L4
      • Exception: L5 and L6 may crossover to each other
      • Exception L6 and L7 may crossover to each other.
    1. Athletes competing in a USASF standard division may only crossover to an International division if that division is the same level, one level up, or one level (ex: L2 may crossover to L1, L2, or L3).
      • Exception: L4 (including L4.2) may crossover to L6 and L6 may crossover to L4 (including L4.2)
    1. Athletes competing in an International division may not crossover to another International division (exception: L6 and L7 may cross to each other).
    1. In USASF standard divisions, a maximum of five crossover athletes is allowed per team.
      • Exception: L6 Junior teams are allowed a maximum of 8 crossovers. Other teams may only exceed 5 crossovers if they all come from a L6 Junior team)
    1. In International divisions, there is no maximum number of crossover athletes allowed.
    1. Athletes competing in an All Star Prep division or Novice division are not bound by the crossover rules listed above.
    1. Athletes competing in an All Star Prep division or All Star Novice division may not crossover to an All Star Elite division.
    1. An athlete may represent a maximum of three teams, but may not represent more than two USASF standard teams and/or more than one international team.

All teams must compete in their legitimate level. Teams that move to a lower level prior to attending NCA Nationals are allowed to do so, provided they competed at least once in their new level at a USASF competition prior to NCA Nationals. For the sake of this policy, L5 and L6 will be treated as the same level.

Should a team’s Level Eligibility be questioned by another program, NCA will request documentation of that team’s participation at a previous event.

Bids Offered

A special thanks to Connections Housing for sponsoring 1 of the Paid Bids and 2 of the At-Large Bids for The Cheerleading Worlds, helping NCA give out the most bids of any Event Producer.

2019-20 Cheerleading Worlds Bid Declaration:

2019-20 Summit Bid Declaration:

2019-20 D2 Summit Bid Declaration:

Varsity Pinnacle Award

The Varsity Pinnacle Award is part of the #AllStarStrong movement, focusing on highlighting athletes at events across the country for going above and beyond in their gyms and communities. These individuals will be recognized for promoting the positive aspects of All Star cheerleading based on the characteristics of Teamwork, Dedication, Confidence & Leadership.

2021 Varsity Pinnacle Award Nominations Coming Soon!

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Discover everything Dallas has to offer including the best restaurants, activities, shopping and attractions!

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Join the BAND

BAND is the official group communication app for Varsity Spirit. This is where we will be communicating all important updates, changes and reminders leading up to the event as well as throughout the competition.

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Be Recognized for Community Service

Does your program go above and beyond in helping the community around you? Nominate an individual athlete, team or program for the Varsity Pinnacle Award at NCA All-Star Nationals.

The Varsity Pinnacle Award is part of the #AllStarStrong movement, focusing on highlighting individual athletes, teams or programs at events across the country for selflessly serving in their gyms and communities. This award promotes the positive aspects of All Star cheerleading such as Teamwork, Dedication, Confidence and Leadership.

These nominees will also be considered for the NCA & NDA Go Be Great Award.

Press Release & Social Media

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Required Forms

2020 Required Forms

Rules & Scoring

2020 Rules, Scoring and Divisions:

How to Register

Stay tuned for 2021 NCA All-Star Nationals Registration!

  • Please have your login and password info on hand. If you have questions about your Varsity All Star account, please reach out to your Varsity All Star Advisor or contact
  • At some point, we will shut down online registration and move to PDF registration. Once that happens, you can obtain the PDF registration form by calling the NCA office at 1.800.NCA.2WIN (1.800.622.2946).
  • No payment is required at the time of registration. payment deadlines are below.
  • If you still haven’t booked housing yet, email

About NCA All-Star Nationals

In addition to being the most prestigious in the industry, NCA All-Star Nationals is the largest All-Star Cheerleading National Championship in the country, hosting over 25,000 participants and 38,000 spectators each year.

CheerAbilities Division

We strive to celebrate differences and inspire a brighter future of global acceptance, understanding, and unity through our Cheerabilities Division at the NCA All-Star National Championship. Our mission is to encourage athletes to find joy, confidence and fulfillment as they perform under the Dallas spotlight.

2019 CheerAbilities Performances

2019 CheerAbilities Performances

Wall of Fame

See who was crowned an NCA All-Star National Champion in your favorite division throughout the years.

View Wall of Fame

View Wall of Fame

2019 Championship Results & Information

2019 Championship Coverage

2019 Championship Coverage – includes videos, features and results!
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