Fall Opportunities

Cheer training isn’t just for the summer.

Fall Opportunities

Summer might be over, but you can still learn and grow from the best instructors in the industry! Already been to summer camp and looking for additional time with the NCA staff? Contact your State Director for special member pricing!

Explore the options below!

Contact My State Director

Contact My State Director

Fall Camps & Clinics

In-Person or Virtual NCA Camp Options

We know the impact of COVID-19 changed up some summer camp plans – so why not go to camp in the fall!? It’s not to late to sign up for an NCA In-Person or Virtual Home Camp this season! These camps include NFHS Credentialing, music, material, coaches video series, bonus material, coaches credentialing and so much more. Explore the option that fits for your local safety guidelines and get ready to Pursue Greatness.

In-Person Home Camp Options

Virtual Home Camp Options

NCA Judges Training Course for Coaches

Want to gain a better understanding of NCA competition scoring? Sign up for our NCA Judges Training course where you can become educated in how our expertly trained judges score your routines at competition. Learn more about:

  • NCA’s scoring philosophy
  • Score sheet captions (Building, Tumbling, Overall)
  • And more!

Sign up anytime before December 31, 2020 to gain access to this recorded course for just $25 per participant!


Guest Coaching

The Virtual Guest Coaching program gives your team the opportunity to practice with one of our renowned coaches and industry experts. Follow your normal practice format or request a specific area of focus, and our Varsity Spirit Virtual Guest Coach will provide instruction and critique. Our Guest Coaches can focus on Game Day Training, Stunt Technique, Strength/Conditioning, Routine Reviews and more!

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3 Hour Virtual Clinics

We are offering a variety of virtual clinics for squads of all levels. Each clinic is a 3-hour session that can help your squad in various areas. You may choose from the following:

1. Game Day Package

Work with NCA Instructors to improve your Game Day skills in classes such as motion technique, Game Day fundamentals and incorporating props. Your squad will leave as stronger spirit ambassadors.

  • $30 per participant (10+ participants) | $300 flat rate (1-9 participants)

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2. Performance Package

This package is intended for teams to work directly with NCA instructors to improve in the performance and showmanship aspects of cheerleading. Your squad will learn a cheer and dance, as well as skill and prop incorporation.

  • $30 per participant (10+ participants) | $300 flat rate (1-9 participants)
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3. Leadership Workshop

This virtual class focuses on in depth leadership with the guidance of an NCA Instructor. Spend time building your team vision, goals and the ability to lead in every circumstance to Pursue Greatness.

  • $30 per participant (10+ participants) | $300 flat rate (1-9 participants)
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4. Stunt MD

This virtual Stunt MD Clinic is designed to provide a stunt diagnosis and skill rehabilitation to teams. Stunt groups will work directly with an NCA Speed Instructor to troubleshoot, clean and perfect any skills that might be ailing you.

  • $30 per participant (10+ participants) | $300 flat rate (1-9 participants)
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5. Strength, Conditioning & Technique

This virtual clinic combines strength training and technique development for cheer athletes. Training will utilize household objects to build strength for the role of a base, back or top person. Focus on explosive power and flexibility for jumps and tumbling.

  • $30 per participant (10+ participants) | $300 flat rate (1-9 participants)
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6. Guest Coach

This virtual program gives the opportunity for your team to practice with one of our renowned coaches. Follow your normal practice format or request a specific area of focus, and our coach will provide instruction and critique.

Routine Clean Up

Work with an NCA Choreographer to clean and perfect an existing routine.

  • In-Person : $500 – 3 hours of face to face instruction at your facility with an NCA Choreographer.
  • Virtual : $350 – 3 hours of virtual instruction at your facility with a remote NCA Choreographer.

Contact your State Director to set up your Routine Clean Up session!

College Fall Training

Learn more about our NCA College Fall Training Opportunities:

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Competition Offerings

Digital Routine Critique

150 for first routine       |       $100 for additional routines

Work with an NCA Certified Judge to receive feedback on Performance, Game Performance, and Game Day routines. This is perfect for squads who plan to compete virtually with NCA, in-person at a Regional/Classic competition, and the 2021 High School National Championship. Teams will submit their routine video and will receive a 1-hour feedback call with a judge.

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NCA Competitions

We have options to safely and responsibly host events for the 2021-22 season. Check our website for the most up to date information on NCA Competitions this season!

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