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January 21-22, 2023 | Dallas, TX

Championship Information

Dates & Location

2023 NCA High School Nationals

January 21-22, 2023

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas
650 S Griffin St.
Dallas, TX 75202

Registration & Pricing

2023 Registration & Pricing:
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How to Qualify

All teams attending NCA High School National Championship must complete the Varsity Spirit/NFHS Squad Credentialing program at a Varsity Spirit Summer or Fall camp in 2022. At least 75% of the athletes competing at Nationals must meet the credentialing requirement (a mascot would count towards the 75% requirement). This includes teams competing in the Game Day Division.

Squads may qualify for the NCA High School National Championship at NCA Summer Camp by meeting specific criteria as measured by the NCA Staff. Bids are based on overall performance and potential. Note: NCA requires each team to have one coach with current USA Cheer Safety certification!

Squads may qualify for the NCA High School National Championship at an NCA Competition by December 23, 2022 (teams attending later competitions are responsible for payment deadlines). Squads placing in the top three of each division (in Divisions with 5 or more teams) and first place teams (in Divisions with less than 5 teams), or receiving a final score of 70 or above will receive a bid. Refer to each specific competition for complete details on performance and payment requirements. The routine must adhere to the NCA Rules. Teams receiving a bid at a Regional or Classic must also have the NFHS Credential from a Varsity Spirit Summer or Fall Camp before registering.

Teams that attend an NCA Summer Camp, Regional (either in person or our virtual championship in December), and finish the season off with us at NCA High School Nationals will be recognized as a part of NCA TEAM GOLD. Each Team Gold squad will receive:

  • Discounted Registration
  • Priority Hotel Blocking
  • Priority On-Site Check In
  • Priority Open Practice Sign Up
  • Preferential Order of Performance (not guaranteed)
  • Athlete gifts and more!

USA Cheer Membership Requirement

USA Cheer has developed a comprehensive Membership Program, which includes a background check, athlete protection training, acknowledgement of concussion training with return to participation guidance, a member code of conduct, and safety training courses on risk management and safety rules.

This season’s membership will be active from June 1, 2022 through May 31, 2023 and will satisfy the previously communicated requirement that all school coaches, choreographers, rec coaches, and personnel attending a Varsity Spirit cheer or dance competition must have this membership to gain access to the warmup, backstage or coaches’ box areas.

The Cheer Coach and Dance Coach memberships come with additional liability coverage for current members who are 18 years of age or older while coaching their designated team. Beginning in 2022-23, this membership includes secondary liability coverage for members who are 18 years of age or older who have completed all requirements for membership. Coverage applies while the approved Dance Coach member is supervising dance practices, games, or competition with their designated team. No coverage applies for 1) training individual participants or conducting their own camps/clinics 2) acting as a choreographer for a team that they do not coach full time or 3) while coaching any other sports besides cheer, STUNT and dance.

When checking in at Varsity Spirit competitions, you will now simply provide proof of membership for each person from your organization who wishes to go into the warmup area, backstage or coaches’ box. Upon proof of membership, each coach will receive a wristband that will allow them access.



Rules, Scoring & Divisions

2023 Rules, Scoring and Divisions:

Required Forms

2023 Required Forms Coming Soon:

National Routine Video Examples

National Routine Video Examples:
Looking for examples of a Performance, Game Performance or Game Day routine at NCA High School Nationals? Check out video examples and more details here.

Housing Information

NCA is proud to partner with Team Travel Source as the Official Housing Company for all NCA Events!


2023 NCA High School Nationals Tickets:
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The NCA High School Nationals BAND group will be used to communicate important and immediate information, leading up to and throughout the competition. To stay in the know, we highly recommend that you join this group and turn on notifications!

Go Be Great Award

Nominate for the “Go Be Great Award”
At certain NCA competitions, we have a tradition of awarding the Go Be Great Award.  The Go Be Great Award is presented to a coach, team, or program who goes above and beyond to make the world a better place, outside of cheerleading and dance. Nominate for your upcoming NCA High School Nationals by completing the form below!

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NFHS Endorsement

NFHS endorses and supports NCA High School Nationals! This endorsement is exclusive in the cheerleading and dance team categories and will include actively encouraging states, through reasonable methods, to allow their member schools to participate in NCA High School Nationals.

Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

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Game Day Division Wall of Fame:

Go Be Great Wall of Fame:

Photo Gallery

Video Gallery

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