April 6-10, 2022 | Daytona Beach, FL

2022 Championship Information

Championship Information

2022 NCA & NDA Collegiate National Championship

Bandshell and Ocean Center
Daytona Beach, FL

April 6-10, 2022

Performance Order

Thursday, April 7th

Friday, April 8th

Saturday, April 9th

Email Communications

Partner Stunt Qualifiers

The following QUALIFIERS must notify LeRoy McCullough at with confirmation that they will be competing in the Partner Stunt Championship in Daytona Beach, NO LATER THAN February 20, 2022!

  1. Weber State University – Elsa Hassett and Matt Torres
  2. Morehead State University – Nicole Guest and Willie Coggins
  3. Weber State University – Anu Keene and CJ
  4. Morehead State University – Chloe and Gavin Runkle
  5. Weber State University – Kat and Gauge Stricklin
  6. Weber State University – Baillee Schiff and Jalani Keo
  7. Wilmington University – Alyssa Mellace and Caleb Tuszynski
  8. University of West Georgia – Destiney Alston and Jalen Jones
  9. Texas Tech University – Emma Headley and Matthew Stephenson
  10. University of Oklahoma – Emma Perry and Landon Harvey
  11. University of West Georgia – Jasmine Braddock and Dante Miller
  12. Weber State University – Bri and Dan Bailey
  13. Navarro College – Gillian Rupert and Tyran Johnson
  14. University of Central Florida – Cryslynn Boman and Michael Head
  15. Lindenwood University – Kelley Martin and Antonio Esquivel
  16. Sam Houston State University – Tara and Anthony
  17. Sam Houston State University – Jada and Louis
  18. Trinity Valley Community College – Joselin and Alexis
  19. University of Louisville – Lindsey Hayden and Ryan Claunch
  20. Jones College – Lily Baker and Zackary Alleman
  1. University of West Georgia – Zoe McMahon and Austin Kingsbury
  2. Navarro College – Maddy Brum and Fernando Beltran
  3. Weber State University – Corinne Isaac and Colton Peiper
  4. Trinity Valley Community College – Hailey and Joshua
  5. University of Oklahoma – Emily Dinger and Connelly Parsons
  6. University of Alabama – Hayley and Javon Kendrick
  7. University of Louisville – Fayth Poitras and Kevin Zelaya
  8. New Mexico State University – Taylor Brack and Roman Sandoval
  9. Liberty University – Kelsey and Nick
  10. Sam Houston State University – Catie and Doni
  11. Grand Canyon University – Jaina Santos and Luke Light
  12. Wilmington University – Abby Tenaglia and Abe Alousi
  13. Wilmington University – Brielle and Jalil
  14. New Mexico State University – Brianna Lopez and Terrall Quigley
  15. Universidad Nacional – Priscilla and Esteban
  16. University of Louisville – Vivian Truong and Darren Huang
  17. Dodge City Community College – Cassandra Brooks and Keegan Jones
  18. Lindenwood University – Skylar McGrath and Austin Schuetzle-Ellis
  19. Rutgers University – Katie Hartwig and Zach LeMunyon
  20. University of Missouri – Jayda and Wyatt

Group Stunt Qualifiers

The following QUALIFIERS must notify LeRoy McCullough at with confirmation that they will be competing in the Group Stunt Championship in Daytona Beach, NO LATER THAN February 20, 2022!

  1. University of West Georgia – Rai Pritchett, Melissa Blackmore-Wigley, Katie Xanders, Destiny Leonard
  2. Morehead State University – Francesca Capilets, Sydney Sturgill, Paige Ernst, Haley Whitacre
  3. University of West Georgia – Mary Sue, Camila, Halley, Journey Norris, Anderson, Pagan, Hammonds,
  4. Morehead State University – Haley, Madyson, Chloe, Lyric
  5. Morehead State University – Abbi Stitt, Caitlin Flora, Jaden Noble, Hope Keeylen
  6. University of Louisville – Sarah Michelle, Kora, Ally, Ava
  7. University of Louisville – Katie, Kamari, Lizzie, and Krista
  8. University of Louisville – Aoi, Haylie, Madi, Tee
  9. University of Louisville – Lexi, Brooke, Skylar, Amaya Kabb, Smith, Fisher, Warnell
  10. California Baptist University – Taylor’s Group
  11. University of Louisville – Mya Lacy, Cam Young, Kaylee Coultas, Ella Brownstein
  12. Lindenwood University – Jenna Watson, Sydnee Steffens, Mabree Champion, Myah Gillespie
  13. University of Louisville – Taylar, Myah, Aquazia, Indira
  14. Sam Houston State University – Crystal ,Ashley Vittoria, Angel
  15. Utah Valley University – Grace, Whitney, Cari, Ivy
  16. Oklahoma State University – Madi Hight, Jasi Gates, Kaitlynn Volmer, Kelcey Nees
  1. University of Louisville – Shekinah Phillips, Kya Cruz, Maddie Burgess, Nevaeh  Miller
  2. Stephen F. Austin State University
  3. Utah Valley University Gabby, Sydnee, Ryley, Sarah
  4. Grand Canyon University
  5. University of North Florida – Destiny Fratianni, Ally Haines, Maddie Kollath, and Sam Lopez
  6. Sam Houston State University – Marissa, Alerah, Victoria, Jackie
  7. Utah Valley University – Brooklyn, Ashley, Kyra, Courtney
  8. Saint Leo University
  9. University of Rhode Island – Alexis, Alexa, Alexa, Morgan
  10. Michigan State University Competitive Cheer
  11. University of Rhode Island – Annie, Crystal, Emma, Hadley
  12. Utah Valley University – Raychel, Beth, Alyssa, McKenna
  13. Rutgers University
  14. Providence College
  15. Brenau University
  16. Stony Brook University
  17. University of Missouri – Taylor I, Sarah, Paige, Taylor B
  18. University of North Texas – Teyana McAfee, Brianna Branch, Hope Shipp, Avery Hughes

Mascot Qualifiers

The following QUALIFIERS must notify LeRoy McCullough at with confirmation that they will be competing in the Mascot Championship in Daytona Beach, NO LATER THAN February 20, 2022!

  1. Georgia Tech – Buzz
  2. University of Missouri – Truman the Tiger
  3. Sam Houston State University – Sammy The Bearkat
  4. University of Texas at Dallas – Temoc
  5. Virginia Tech – Hokie Bird
  6. Frostburg State University – Bob Cat
  7. University of Maryland – Testudo
  8. Liberty University – Sparky
  1. Texas Tech University – Raider Red
  2. University of North Texas – Scrappy
  3. Middle Tennessee State University – Lightening
  4. University of South Carolina – Cocky
  5. Campbell University – Gaylord The Camel
  6. Iowa State University – Cy

Spectator Packages

We are offering hotel rooms at several of our premier host hotels for spectators to reserve NOW for their trip to Daytona Beach, and each package includes VIP passes to all venues throughout the event. Rooms are very LIMITED at each hotel and available on a first come basis. Quality and affordable hotel rooms are very difficult to find during our event which is why we are now offering these limited spectator options for 2022. Review the packages and make reservations today!

Spectator Packages


The NCA & NDA Collegiate National Championship BAND group will be used to communicate important and immediate information, leading up to and throughout the competition. To stay in the know, we highly recommend that you join this group and turn on notifications!
Join the BAND


Tickets will be general admission. The cost of admission is:

  • $25 for one day (Thursday and Friday)
  • $10 Saturday only
  • $50 for the weekend

Note: Purchasing a ticket does not guarantee a seat in the venue once the venue reaches capacity!

Purchase Online Tickets

Rules, Scoring and Divisions

Rules, Scoring and Divisions:

Required Forms

Required Forms:

2022 Camp Qualifier Benefits & Paid Bid Process

Camp is a great way to start preparing your team for the NCA & NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship. Find out how camp can be your first step towards a championship and benefits for your team.

  • Get the inside scoop on Nationals from NCA & NDA’s College Program Directors
  • Get a complete breakdown of the Bid Process, rule changes and scoring. Learn how to earn a Paid Bid and compete at Nationals and save thousands.
  • No video entry necessary for nationals.
  • Easier to plan your trip and to register early for nationals.
  • More time to prepare and fundraise.
  • Receive a price discount ($160 per person) over the video qualifier rate to attend Nationals, Resident packages ONLY. Discount applies only to the number of people attending camp.
    • TIER 1 – Silver and Gold Paid Bid winners in order of registrations and deposits received prior to the video entry deadline.
    • TIER 2 – Bronze Paid Bid winners in order of registrations and deposits received by the video entry deadline date.
    • TIER 3 – Video qualifiers in order of registrations and deposits received.
  • Hotel Priority – NCA & NDA room blocks in Daytona are limited, and teams are placed in hotels by the tiers above. Once hotel rooms are filled, teams are turned over to the housing company to book their own accommodations.
  • Performance Order Placement – Day 1 performance order is sorted first by tier and then by REGISTRATION DATE. Teams with the highest tier and earliest registration go later in their divisions on Day 1.
  • Arrival Day Practice Time Sign Up – There are limited practice spots in the event practice rooms for the arrival day, and the ability to sign up for these times will be done in the tiers above.
  • Priority Check-in and Registration at Nationals.



How to Qualify

Squads may qualify for the NCA & NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship at NCA & NDA Collegiate Resident Camps, Day Camps or Elite Home Camps. NCA & NDA will award Bids to Nationals based on the team’s successful completion of specific requirements in the areas of participation, conduct, and camp achievements. Teams must have a minimum of eight (8) participating team members attending the same NCA & NDA Collegiate Summer Camp to be considered for a Bid.

All Qualification Videos (including Cheer and Dance teams, Partner Stunt, All Girl Group Stunt and Mascot) must be RECEIVED no later than January 21, 2022.

Submit Video Qualification

Partner Stunt, Group Stunt, Mascot Qualification


  • Qualification videos must be sent with a payment of $25 per video (this payment must accompany the video in order to have the video judged).
  • All participants representing schools on videos must meet NCA & NDA’s current eligibility requirements, as well as the eligibility requirements of their respective school.
  • Participants must be current members of the same team (not program).
  • Segments may NOT be edited.
  • The speed of the performance may not be altered on the video.
  • The use of a tripod is highly encouraged.
  • Routine must follow USA Cheer College Cheerleading Safety Rules.

2022 and will be posted on Videos submitted for qualification will not be viewed for Competition safety violations. A separate video must be sent for this purpose. Coaches of team videos will be notified individually of their qualifying status, and team video results will NOT be posted on the website.


2022 NCA & NDA College Nationals Registration Form:
Download Form

2022 NCA & NDA College Nationals Rooming List Form:
Download Form

Submit Your Team Bio

We love to feature teams and athletes on social media and even in our videos. Please take a few minutes to let us know more about your team:

Fill Out Online Form

Past Championship Information

2021 Championship COVID-19 Protocol

Click the link below to review the COVID-19 Protocol for NCA & NDA College Nationals as well as review Varsity Spirit’s safety standards.

COVID-19 Protocol & Safety Standards

Virtual Divisions (2021 Only)

Our goal is that every program gets a chance to prove the work is worth this season. We are excited to announce our 2021 NCA Virtual Collegiate Divisions! These virtual divisions are only for teams who are unable to attend the live event in Daytona Beach, Florida.

GENERAL INFORMATION:Teams will be able to upload one prelims and one finals routine video to Varsity TV to be judged by NCA trained judges. ALL teams that submit a prelims video will advance to finals. Once prelim videos have been judged, teams will receive score sheets and rankings before filming their final routine videos. Routine videos will be available to watch on Varsity TV along with a virtual awards ceremony.

Teams will receive an official NCA & NDA Filming Template prior to upload dates. These templates will need to be printed and filled out to hold up at the beginning of your routine video. Once NCA & NDA Filming Templates have been sent, teams may begin filming before the upload link is sent via email. Please refer to our Filming Guidelines for tips and more information.

  • March 12: Registration deadline for Virtual Championship
  • March 15: Virtual waivers, eligibility rosters and payment deadline for virtual championship.
  • March 17: Filming Template for prelims video upload sent to registered teams
  • March 24: Prelims video upload
  • April 1: Final day to convert from in-person to virtual only if registered for both; Prelims results posted; Filming Template for finals video upload sent to registered teams
  • April 7: Finals video upload
  • April 9: Prelims available to watch on Varsity TV
  • April 10: Finals available to watch on Varsity TV followed by Awards Presentation


We want you and your team compete confidently in our virtual championship. Please be sure to read our NCA & NDA Virtual College Nationals FAQ’s for helpful details and information.

PRICING: Teams competing in a virtual division will pay $100 per participant. There is no fee for coaches. Cheer teams wanting to add on the NEW NCA Spirit Rally Division (see NCA divisions link above) will be charged an additional $250 per team flat fee.

 Teams competing virtually are eligible to win:

  • 1st Place Winners: 2021 Virtual Collegiate Champion Title, Trophy and Banner
  • 2nd – 5th Place: Virtual Championship placement trophy
  • 6th Place and Below: Virtual Championship certificate of participation

2021 Partner Stunt, Group Stunt & Mascot Rankings

Group Stunt Rankings
1. Oklahoma State University – Madi, Jasi, Kaitlynn, Kelcey
2. Lindenwood University – Skylar McGrath, Alyssa Cova, Mabree Champion, Myah Gillespie
3 (tie). University of Louisville – Kyah, Haylie, TeeMara, Mallorie
3 (tie). University of Louisville – Tessa, Myah, Lizzie, Erin
5. University of Louisville – Sarah, Kora, Ally, Ava
6. University of Louisville – Ashley, Camryn, Kaylee, Amaya
7. University of Louisville – Aoi, Kayla, Callie, Kendijah
8. Sam Houston State University – Melanie Elkins, Cynthia Rodriguez, Ashley Troutman, Carsen Grom
9. Sam Houston State University – Alexis Moore, Teagan Mies, Madeline Davis, and Regan Reposh
10. Texas State University – Brittainy, Mackenie, Alex, Alexus
11. Pennsylvania State University – Danielle Sekelsky, Meghan Mineweaser, Veronica Echeverri, Megan Lowe
12. Rutgers University – Mariah, Elena, Cam, Jill
13. University of Missouri – Gabi, Taylor, Maria, Kelly
14. Tarleton State University – Amanda Knight, Ashleigh Fox, Haley Cudd, Tinsley Santisteven
15. Rutgers University – Maddie, Rose, Lexi, Carsyn
16. Saint Edward’s University – Chloe, Jamie, Victoria, Sierra

Partner Stunt Rankings
1. Weber State University – Elsa Hassett and Kollin Cockrell
2 (tie). Weber State University – Anu Keene and CJ
2 (tie). Sam Houston State University – Tara and Dawan
4. Weber State University – Caylee Odle and Matt Torres
5. Weber State University – Kat Abela and Michael Androsov
6. Weber State University – Corinne and Jalani Keo
7. Sam Houston State University – Meagan Rodriguez and Jeff Dean
8. Texas Tech University – Emma Headley and Matthew Stephenson
9. Navarro College – Bailee Schiff and Terrell Barker
10. Sam Houston State University – Amber Whitworth and Jose Alvarez
11. Lindenwood University – Kelley Martin and Antonio Esquivel
12. Sam Houston State University – Julianna Coipel and Louis Brown
13. Weber State University – Molly McLeod and Daniel Bailey
14. Rutgers University – Katie and Doni
15. Dodge City Community College – Cassandra Brooks and Keegan Jones

Mascot Rankings
1. Texas Tech University – Raider Red
2. Sam Houston State University – Sammy The Bearkat
3. University of North Texas – Scrappy
4. University of Pittsburgh – Roc The Pitt Panther
5. Georgia Tech – Buzz
6. Texas Womans – Oakley

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