About NCA

About the National Cheerleaders Association

NCA was founded in 1948 by Lawrence “Herkie” Herkimer and continues to hold his vision of creating an atmosphere to cultivate the whole cheerleader. We embrace our rich heritage as the first cheerleading company and continue to pioneer the way with innovative camp curriculum, industry-leading championships and events that reward the hard-working, well-rounded cheerleaders in America today!

About Our Staff

Our Summer Camp Instructors are hand-selected from leading colleges and universities across the country. They’re not only good cheerleaders, they’re great role models. At camp, NCA Instructors are alongside cheer teams every step of the way to provide individual and team growth opportunities. Our Staff inspire cheerleaders to “Go Be Great!”

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NCA believes in encouraging cheerleaders to be leaders on and off the field by getting involved and giving back to their communities. Learn more about our philanthropy partners.

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Testimonials About NCA

"'I have been coaching for 14 years and have been going to camp even longer if you count my days as a high school and college cheerleader. Never have I seen a staff like this!! Beyond their amazing abilities, they were all so knowledgeable about every aspect of a stunt. The tips and techniques taught were wonderful. I loved that we had choices and were able to get out of camp what we needed. NCA camp was and always is a great experience!!'"
"'The staff was absolutely AMAZING & made our team feel comfortable and able to learn. I loved the way that the staff stuck to the schedule to ensure that time was not wasted and that every minute the athletes were doing something that would contribute to their overall success as a cheerleader. Overall, we had a FANTASTIC experience and will be back!'"
"'I really loved the shower of praise. I've never taken it seriously, but this past week at camp, the different praises that were exchanged between coach and athlete, was very emotional for me. Knowing that your coaching can have an impact on someone's life feels very good, and reminds me of why I stay on this side of the field.'"

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