NCA Game Day

High School Game Day

Game Day at NCA Summer Camp

The NCA Game Day Experience class will teach cheerleaders how to effectively lead the crowd through the use of The Big 3 of Game Day, including Game Day Fundamentals, Game Day Props and Game Day Skills.

  • GAME DAY FUNDAMENTALS: Focused on creating a solid foundation for great Game Day cheerleading. These fundamentals will be the building blocks for a successful Game Day season including motions, voice and spirit.
  • GAME DAY PROPS: With one or all of these props, we can enhance any Game Day scenario, but when used in conjunction they become the ultimate in the entire Game Day experience. In this class, the NCA Staff will demonstrate proper use of spirit prop usage on the sidelines including poms, signs and megaphones.
  • GAME DAY SKILLS: Skills can be a major part of the Game Day experience if incorporated properly. This part of the class will give tips, guidelines and demonstrations on how to properly incorporate skills to lead the crowd including tumbling, jumps and stunts.

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Game Day Divisions

Junior High, Junior Varsity, Varsity and Game Day Rally Divisions are all offered at NCA Nationals. CLICK HERE to learn more about each division.

  • Routine Length: 3:00 minutes
  • Grade Levels: Junior High/Middle School, Junior Varsity/Freshmen, Varsity
  • Bring your sidelines to the spotlight in an NCA Game Day Division! Teams combine their Band Chant, Game Day Cheer, and Fight Song along with a Game Day situational response to showcase in one 3:00 minute performance
    • Game Day divisions are the perfect way to transition material you already have and practice on the sidelines for the national floor
  • Cheer teams also have the option to bring their dancers, mascots and band members to compete in the Game Day Rally division (previously called Spirit Program Division)
  • This division celebrates how spirit programs work together to enhance their school Game Day and Rally experience!

College Game Day

Game Day at NCA Summer College Camp

NCA College Summer Camp is the where sideline season begins. Learn how to incorporate skills, props and your entire spirit program to prepare for Game Day.

The GDIT (Game Day Implementation Training) Class includes:

  • Band Chant to bring your entire Spirit Program together
  • Game Cheer and Chant material to launch you into the new season
  • Rally routine and custom coaching to perfect your Game Day presence

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Game Day at NCA & NDA College Nationals


To provide a unique and exciting opportunity for school Spirit Programs to work together to showcase their ability to promote school spirit and excitement in support of their school and its athletic teams. This division not only allows the use of traditional sideline cheer and dance teams, but also the incorporation of members of the school Marching Band, Pep Band, Drum Line, and Mascot(s). The primary responsibility of Spirit Programs is to develop and implement effective methods of generating excitement and often requires close coordination between various campus groups. NCA & NDA now offers a way to showcase this at the highest level on the largest stage in spirit competition at the NCA & NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship.


  • Turn the skills, creativity and school traditions that you utilize on the sideline into a winning routine.
  • Earn the title of National Champion along with the coveted Megaphone trophy and National Champion Banner in a division that embodies college spirit in its purest form.
  • Utilize the preparation for games and game performances to prepare your team to compete.
  • Better develop and display the core elements of your role at games.
  • Increase the value that the entire Spirit Program brings to your school and its athletic events.
  • Develop a successful and dynamic working relationship between ALL spirit-related groups on campus.
  • Earn advancement to FINALS in the historic Daytona Beach Band Shell.

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