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NCA High School Nationals Divisions

2022 NCA High School Nationals Divisions:

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  • Game Performance Divisions
    • Routine Length: 2:30 minutes
    • Levels: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced
    • Grade Levels: Club, Junior High/Middle School, Junior Varsity, Varsity
    • These divisions offer the best of both worlds! Game Performance divisions blend the entertaining and visual elements of performance while incorporating a game-like atmosphere. Routines in these divisions will still include transitional stunts and pyramids but the cheer section will encourage a crowd response as if you were leading the fans at an actual game! Teams can use all sideline appropriate props such as signs, poms and megaphones in their routines.
  • Performance Divisions
    • Routine Length: 2:30 minutes
    • Levels: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced
    • Grade Levels: Club, Junior High/Middle School, Junior Varsity, Varsity
    • Does your team excel in skills and performance environments? NCA Performance divisions showcase the athleticism of cheerleading with a focus on visual elements. Teams competing in these divisions have routines that consist of transitional stunts, pyramids and a cheer. The cheer does not have to encourage crowd participation.
  • Game Day Divisions
    • Routine Length: 3:00 minutes
    • Grade Levels: Club, Junior High/Middle School, Junior Varsity, Varsity
    • Bring your sidelines to the spotlight in an NCA Game Day Division! Teams combine their Band Chant, Game Day Cheer, and Fight Song along with a Game Day situational response to showcase in one 3:00 minute performance. Game Day divisions are the perfect way to transition material you already have and practice on the sidelines for the national floor. Cheer teams also have the option to bring their dancers, mascots and band members to compete in the Spirit Program division. This division celebrates how spirit programs work together to enhance their school game day!

NCA High School National Routine Video Examples: Looking for examples of a Performance, Game Performance or Game Day routine at NCA High School Nationals? Check out video examples and more details here.

NCA College Nationals Divisions

NCA & NDA College Nationals Divisions:

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2020-21 College Cheer Divisions:

2020-21 College Game Day Division:

Rules & Restrictions

High School, Junior High, Middle School & Elementary

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2021-2022 School Rule Book

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2022 NCA & NDA Collegiate Rule Book Coming Soon!

2021 NCA & NDA Collegiate Rule Book

USA Cheer College Safety Rules:

USA Cheer “Return to Cheer and STUNT” Guidelines

At Varsity Spirit, the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, employees, families and friends is our top priority. As various parts of the country open up and begin to resume public activities, it is important to follow the guidelines provided by your local and state government and health departments regarding activities that are permitted for your community in addition to any specific requirements from your direct association (college conference and divisions, school district and/or state high school athletics/activities associations, US All Star Federation, governing youth rec association, etc.).

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