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NCA High School Nationals:

2020-21 Division Listings:

If your school doesn’t allow you to build stunts and pyramids, or if you get a late start to the season because of local restrictions, NCA has options to keep you safe and your competitive season moving forward with our new Non-Building Divisions! Click the link above for more information.

NCA & NDA College Nationals:

2020-21 Division Listings Coming Soon!

Rules & Restrictions

High School, Junior High, Middle School & Elementary

2020-2021 School Rules & Restrictions

2020-2021 School Rule Book


2021 NCA & NDA Collegiate Rule Book Coming Soon!

USA Cheer College Safety Rules:

Scoresheet Samples

2020-21 High School Score Sheet Samples:

Game Day Division

Game Performance Division

Performance Division

Non-Building Division

Non-Tumbling Division:
Jumps/Skills Section
Building Section
Overall Routine

High School Mascot Division

2020-21 College Score Sheet Samples Coming Soon!