What to Wear on FUNNER Day!

It’s up to YOU to MAKE IT COUNT! Since 1976, you have helped create NDA’s foundation of spirit, tradition and excellence. From working with you at summer camp to celebrating your season, you have helped NDA cultivate a culture of positivity. It’s up to YOU and your team on what to wear for fun day, but be sure to make it count!

What to Bring

  • Poms for Game Day classes
  • Personal stereo for practice
  • Performance Uniforms (optional)
  • Addresses for St. Jude Letters
  • Spirit Exchange: As a part of our Team Time message, we are going to be doing a “Spirit Exchange” at every overnight camp. Teams need to bring something that their athletes can give to an athlete from another team during this time. It needs to be something representative of their programs school colors, team motto, a quality they value, or something encouraging for another dancer. Each person can bring their own idea of what the item should be, or you can turn it into a team bonding craft project prior to camp. The Staff will be participating as well! In return, each dancer will receive an item from another team to take with them as well to remember the gift of Spirit forever!

What to Expect? What’s NEW?

  • Customizable 1:1 sessions added to all Overnight Camp types
  • More class options offered with Game Day Implementation
  • New routine classification that directly correlates to intermediate division skill parameters
  • Focus on team building with a growth mindset and creating relationships with other teams and dancers
  • Fresh and innovative choreographers and routines in all styles and levels


NDA Staff

Our Summer Camp Instructors are hand-selected from leading colleges and universities across the country. They’re not only good dancers, they’re great role models. At camp, NDA Instructors are alongside dance teams every step of the way to provide individual and team growth opportunities. Our Staff inspire dancers to “Go Be Great!”

Dec. 4, 2018

NDA Summer Camp

At NDA Summer Camp, we believe teamwork and personal growth go hand in hand.

Dec. 4, 2018

NDA Summer Camp

At NDA Camp, our personalized programs and instruction help build the inner strength, dedication, compassion, and drive that will inevitably shine outwardly for all to see.

Apr. 9, 2018