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March 3-5, 2023 | Orlando, FL

Championship Information

Dates & Location

2023 NDA National Championship

March 3-5, 2023

Orange County Convention Center
Chapin Theater and Valencia Ballroom

Registration & Pricing

2023 Registration & Pricing:
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2022 Pricing (for reference only):

How to Qualify

Teams can qualify for nationals by participating in the Home Routine and/or Team Dance Evaluation (taught at camp) at a 2022 NDA Camp. Click here to start your journey to nationals at an NDA Camp or contact your State Director to set up a Home Camp. NOTE: must be a 2-3 day camp to qualify for the NDA National Championship.

Attending an NDA Summer Camp allows you to receive special benefits at the NDA National Championship! These include:

GOLD TIER – NDA Overnight Camp Customers

– Nationals Registration opens 2 weeks earlier than Silver & Bronze Tier
• Hotel priority
• Practice sign-up priority

– Registration Discount per person
• Camp & Regional Discount ($25)
• Camp ONLY Discount ($15)

SILVER TIER – NDA Day & Home Camp Customers

– Nationals Registration opens 2 weeks after Gold Tier
• Practice sign-up priority

– Registration Discount per person
• Camp & Regional Discount ($25)
• Camp ONLY Discount ($15)

BRONZE TIER – Video Qualification or Regional Qualification

– Invitation to Nationals (full price)
• Practice time is based on availability of space, not guaranteed

– Registration Discount per person
• Regional ONLY Discount ($10)

– No hotel priority

NOTE: Discounts are based on the number of paying dancers and coaches at camp or regional.

In order to qualify by video for the 2023 NDA National Championship, teams will need to pay a $350 fee along with the video qualification form. Payment must be submitted prior to sending in your video.

Video Requirements:

  • A video entry form should accompany each video entry.
  • Videos may not exceed 10MB and should be in either Windows Media Player or Quicktime formats. Alternatively, videos may be submitted via YouTube, DropBox, Fileshare, Hightail, etc.
  • Teams should perform a routine displaying their best performance ability.
  • Any of the following categories may be used: Pom/Hip Hop/Kick/Jazz/Team Performance.
  • The routine must adhere to the NDA Rules.
  • Each team will be judged by the same criteria as those teams that competed in the Home Routine Evaluation at Summer Camp.

Video Submission:

  • Videos submitted for qualification will not be viewed for legalities. A separate video must be sent for this purpose, at least three (3) weeks prior to competition.
  • Videos must be postmarked no later than January 22, 2023.

Teams may qualify for the 2022 NDA National Championship at an NDA Championship by January 22, 2023, by placing in the top three in their division or scoring a 7.0 or above. Note: No prior qualification is required to compete in NDA Classic and Regional Championships. Click here to learn more about NDA Competitions!

Dance Membership Requirement

USA Cheer, the organization responsible for reviewing and updating cheerleading safety standards, has developed a comprehensive Dance Membership Program, which includes a background check, athlete protection training, acknowledgement of concussion training with return to participation guidance, and a member code of conduct. We realize this falls under the USA Cheer family; however, we know how important and pertinent this information is for dance coaches. Because of this, we will be working with USA Cheer for dance coaches to complete this course. 

This season’s membership will be active from June 1, 2022 through May 31, 2023 and will satisfy the previously communicated requirement that all school coaches, choreographers, rec coaches, and personnel attending a Varsity Spirit cheer or dance competition must have this membership to gain access to the warmup, backstage or coaches’ box areas.

The Cheer Coach and Dance Coach memberships come with additional liability coverage for current members who are 18 years of age or older while coaching their designated team. Beginning in 2022-23, this membership includes secondary liability coverage for members who are 18 years of age or older who have completed all requirements for membership. Coverage applies while the approved Dance Coach member is supervising dance practices, games, or competition with their designated team. No coverage applies for 1) training individual participants or conducting their own camps/clinics 2) acting as a choreographer for a team that they do not coach full time or 3) while coaching any other sports besides cheer, STUNT and dance.

When checking in at Varsity Spirit competitions, you will now simply provide proof of membership for each person from your organization who wishes to go into the warmup area, backstage or coaches’ box. Upon proof of membership, each coach will receive a wristband that will allow them access.


2022 Event Photography

Universal Event Photography (UEP) will be taking picture of all performances throughout the weekend. CLICK HERE for pricing information, CLICK HERE to pre-order photos!

2022 Judge's Bios

2023 NDA National Championship Judge’s Bios:
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2022 NDA National Championship Judge’s Bios:

Required Forms & FAQs

Required Forms & FAQs:

Rules, Divisions, and Scoring

Rules, Divisions, and Scoring:

Music Guidelines

Music guidelines:


2023 Championship Tickets:
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The NDA National Championship BAND group will be used to communicate important and immediate information, leading up to and throughout the competition. To stay in the know, we highly recommend that you join this group and turn on notifications.

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Go Be Great Award

Nominate for the “Go Be Great Award”
At certain NDA competitions, we have a tradition of awarding the Go Be Great Award.  The Go Be Great Award is presented to a coach, team, or program who goes above and beyond to make the world a better place, outside of cheerleading and dance. Nominate for your upcoming NDA National Championship by completing the form below!

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Digital Dance Critique

Taking your routine to the next level is easy with NDA’s newest industry-leading cleaning tool! Get a professional’s perspective and feedback. NDA will select an expert to provide objective verbal and written feedback. Helping your team enhance their technical skills, movement quality, uniformity, spacing, formations, staging and much more! There is no better way to catch mistakes and critique a routine than seeking a fresh perspective – NDA’s Digital Dance Critique does just that!


Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame:

NFHS Endorsement

NFHS endorses and supports the NDA High School National Championship! This endorsement is exclusive in the cheerleading and dance team categories and will include actively encouraging states, through reasonable methods, to allow their member schools to participate in the NDA High School National Championship.

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