Camp Required Forms & FAQs

Camp FAQs

What is the theme for 2023?

This year’s theme is SPIRIT IS FOREVER! From working with you at summer camp to celebrating your season, you have helped NDA cultivate a culture of positivity. Get ready for Fun Day at Overnight Camps, where your team will have the chance to celebrate the past and look to the future. Dress up in your best “decades” look and get ready to make memories of a lifetime! Here are some outfit ideas for FUN DAY at camp:

  • Decades: 70’s, 80’s, 90’s
  • Retro Uniforms
  • Throwbacks
What should we bring to camp?
  • Poms for Game Day classes
  • Personal stereo for practice
  • Performance Uniforms (optional)
  • Addresses for St. Jude Letters
  • Spirit Exchange: As a part of our Team Time message, we are going to be doing a “Spirit Exchange” at every overnight camp. Teams need to bring something that their athletes can give to an athlete from another team during this time. It needs to be something representative of their programs school colors, team motto, a quality they value, or something encouraging for another dancer. Each person can bring their own idea of what the item should be, or you can turn it into a team bonding craft project prior to camp. The Staff will be participating as well! In return, each dancer will receive an item from another team to take with them as well to remember the gift of Spirit forever!
What are the main program changes for 2023?
  • Elevated custom music mixes to enhance NDA style routines
  • Focus on team building with a growth mindset and creating relationships with other teams and dancers
  • Innovative technique progressions offered in all specialty technique classes
  • Additional time dedicated to technical growth
  • Increased customized opportunities of one-on-one instruction with NDA Staff
What do you do if you can’t get in touch with your Varsity Rep?

Contact your NDA State Director or call us at 877.NDA.2WIN.

What do I need to bring with me to registration on the first day of camp?
  • Release and Waiver Forms for each participant and coach. Please confirm the insurance section is filled out correctly and the form is signed by a parent/guardian.
  • Copy of your method of payment. Ex: Purchase Order, School Check, etc.
  • Copy of your zero balance invoice, and/or be able to log into My Camp Registrations on
When will I get my summer camp music?

For eligible camps, you will receive an email with directions on music 3 days before camp. All directions for download can be found in the email or on

When is my camp bill due?

Go to My Camp Registrations to see your invoice with balance due dates.

What is the process for All-American Tryouts?

Check out everything you need to know about the NDA All-American Process by clicking here.

What do we do with our St. Jude Letters?

If your team has already ordered and filled out St. Jude Letters, bring them to camp! If your team has not already filled out St. Jude letters, please have each athlete bring two (2) addresses to camp. Remember that each athlete is required to fill out two (2) St. Jude letters for the NFHS Squad Credentialing program.

How can I qualify for Nationals?

At camp, you can qualify for nationals when being evaluated on Home Routine or Team Dance. Home Routine is a routine learned prior to camp and competed on the first night of camp. Team Dance evaluation is performed on the last day of camp by full team, and will be evaluated on the progress and performance of Team Dance routine.

NFHS Squad Credentialing FAQs

The National Federation of State High School Associations serves its members, related professional organizations and students by providing leadership for the administration of education-based interscholastic activities, which support academic achievement, good citizenship and equitable opportunities.


  • To exemplify the roles of a dance team member and leadership training amongst the team.
  • All teams will learn the same content, with the goal of implementing this training throughout their season, in their own programs.
  • Informs individuals of the importance of their roles while practicing leadership skills and implementing safety.
  • To encourage well rounded, educated dance team members.


  • Teams will go through classes at camp that cover the 5 roles of a dance team member, as well as leadership and safety.
  • Upon the conclusion of camp, teams will have completed a checklist, signed by the Head Instructor or the Buddy Instructor.
  • Each coach will receive an official credentialing certificate for their team.


  • AMBASSADOR: Being a school ambassador within the community is a key part of being a dance team member. As one of the most visible student athletes, dancers should be friendly, know the facts about their school, set a good example for other students, encourage school spirit and be involved in community service. Dancers represent their alma mater in the truest fashion!
  • ATHLETE: Dancing requires strength, endurance and technique to execute the skills used in performance. Dancers should be dedicated to improving their skills through the year during practice.
  • PERFORMER: Dancers use routines to entertain the crowd on game day, especially during time outs and half time. By performing traditional routines as part of the pre-game show, as well as in the stands and/or on the sidelines, dancers are an integral part of the game day atmosphere. Half time is typically a feature moment. When the crowd is entertained and enjoying the game, they are more likely to engage in all of the traditions and activities involved in school pride and spirit.
  • ROLE MODEL: By maintaining academic excellence and leading by example in their everyday lives, dancers pave the way for the student body to be respectful citizens. They live with passion and purpose, and have the ability to inspire peers through their commitment and values. Dance team members hold themselves accountable, without a need for personal recognition.
  • SPIRIT RAISER : Dancers play an important role in leading fellow students, as well as alumni, friends, family, and faculty by modeling sportsmanship in the stands, on the performance floor and during pre- and post-game activities. They understand the sports they are cheering for and genuinely support the teams. During games, dancers support the cheerleaders by participating in the cheers and chants, and lead fans by example in remaining positive and upbeat.

USA Cheer Membership

Varsity Spirit DANCE Camps:

All adults attending an overnight camp in an official capacity with the team, participating at camp and/or serving in a supervisory capacity of the team must have a USA Cheer Membership. This typically includes coaches, choreographers and chaperones.  The Dance, Cheer Coach, STUNT Coach or Professional Membership is acceptable.  Membership is strongly recommended for all other coaches and team personnel that attend home camps, day camps and clinics.

Varsity Spirit will cover the membership fee for all registered coaches and team personnel who attend a Varsity Spirit camp lasting two or more days. Coaches must complete their membership requirements before their camp.

More information, along with a redemption code for 2023 summer camps and when the membership renewal / sign-up will open, will be provided in Spring 2023.


Digital Waivers

Below, you will find the digital waivers for camps/clinics:


Camp Rules

Below, you will find the guidance that we believe is necessary for each identified group to follow in order to conduct a safe and enjoyable camp/clinic:


Participant & Adult Release Form

Needed for most Overnight Camps, Home Camps, Day Camps and Clinics:

Terms and Conditions

Camp & Clinic Terms and Conditions:

College Camp Terms and Conditions: