April 5-9, 2023 | Daytona Beach, FL

Championship Information

Dates & Location

2023 NCA & NDA Collegiate National Championship

April 5-9, 2023

Daytona Beach, FL

Registration & Pricing

2023 Pricing:

2023 Registration:
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  • Make sure you have your Master Roster updated before you begin your registration.
  • If you have Mascots or Band Members, you will need to list them as athlete/team members on your Master Roster & Event Roster.
  • Please ONLY assign your coaches to 1 division.
  • If you are needing any assistance with registration you may call our direct customer service line at 800-622-2946.

Travel Discounts

Delta Airlines

  • Reservations and ticketing are available HERE or by calling our Delta Meeting Network.
  • Reservations at 800-328-1111. When booking online HERE, select ‘Book Your Flight’ and enter this Meeting Code in the box provided: NMVZP

United Airlines

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How to Qualify

Squads may qualify for the NCA & NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship at NCA & NDA Collegiate Resident Camps, Day Camps or Elite Home Camps. NCA & NDA will award Bids to Nationals based on the team’s successful completion of specific requirements in the areas of participation, conduct, and camp achievements. Teams must have a minimum of eight (8) participating team members attending the same NCA & NDA Collegiate Summer Camp to be considered for a Bid.

All Qualification Videos (including Cheer and Dance teams, Partner Stunt, All Girl Group Stunt and Mascot) must be RECEIVED no later than TBD.

Submit Video Qualification

2023 College Nationals Camp Qualifier Benefits & Paid Bid Process

Partner Stunt, Group Stunt, Mascot Qualification


  • Qualification videos must be sent with a payment of $25 per video (this payment must accompany the video in order to have the video judged).
  • All participants representing schools on videos must meet NCA & NDA’s current eligibility requirements, as well as the eligibility requirements of their respective school.
  • Participants must be current members of the same team (not program).
  • Segments may NOT be edited.
  • The speed of the performance may not be altered on the video.
  • The use of a tripod is highly encouraged.
  • Routine must follow USA Cheer College Cheerleading Safety Rules.

THE RESULTS OF THE STUNT AND MASCOT VIDEO ENTRIES WILL BE AVAILABLE BY JANUARY 27, 2023 and will be posted on Videos submitted for qualification will not be viewed for Competition safety violations. A separate video must be sent for this purpose. Coaches of team videos will be notified individually of their qualifying status, and team video results will NOT be posted on the website.

Partner Stunt Qualification Results

Group Stunt Qualification Results

Mascot Qualification Results

Rules, Scoring and Divisions

Rules, Scoring and Divisions:

Required Forms

Required Forms:

Team Photographer

If you are needing credentials for a team photographer only, please follow the instructions in the form below:


Tickets will be general admission. The cost of admission is:

  • $30 for one day (Thursday and Friday)
  • $20 Saturday only
  • $70 for the weekend

Note: Purchasing a ticket does not guarantee a seat in the venue once the venue reaches capacity!

CLICK HERE to purchase!

Spectator Packages

2023 Spectator Packages:
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The NCA & NDA Collegiate National Championship BAND group will be used to communicate important and immediate information, leading up to and throughout the competition. To stay in the know, we highly recommend that you join this group and turn on notifications!

2023 Spectator BAND Group

Judge's Bios

2023 NCA College Nationals Judge’s Bios:

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