Welcome to Centralia, Washington!

  • Resort Hotel accommodation with up to 6 per room
  • Resort provides linens and towels
  • Water parks and pools available to enjoy during breaks
  • Exceptional food service and there is a Starbucks on property
  • Camp is held in an indoor, matted ballroom with air conditioning
  • Shop the latest trends in cheer fashion at the on-site Varsity Spirit Shop
  • For more information, contact your NCA State Director, Robby Sortore, at rsortore@varsity.com

Location Tips

  • Bring a great attitude ready to learn! Team bonding at this camp is top notch and so is the material you will learn. – Andy
  • Don’t forget your swimsuits for the water park! – Trey
  • Remember, the Staff is here to help make your new season a success. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions! – Sarah

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Testimonials from Camp

"'I first have to say as a brand new coach everyone at NCA from our State Director Ashley Paradise to our Varsity Rep Miranda and Head Instructor Andy have all made me feel extremely welcomed. I was very nervous as a coach to come to camp but I gained so much out of it and also built my confidence. Seriously, Andy is so inspiring and has totally given me the motivation and encouragement I needed to lead my team this year. So thank you!!! The experience was amazing and my team has such a blast. Camp has truly helped build their confidence and them winning top team cheer was everything. The last time the cheer team brought any type of trophy home was in 2011, so this was a wonderful way to end camp.'" Coach RosalynnFoster High School
"'This camp is truly an amazing experience. The material is diverse and well articulated. Coaching sessions are extremely helpful! Love the swap shop, exchanging ideas is always really helpful! The staff is absolutely incredible, their knowledge, communication skills and professionalism is top notch!! Thank you so much!! Our girls have grown so much in these four days.'" Coach AngelaSouth Whidbey High School
"'The ratio of instructors to athletes was perfect! And having a regular staffer plus a choreography staffer at the ``Get Shocked`` camp was bonus. I also loved that there weren’t a million evaluations every day. It took stress off the team and they were able to focus more on the skills and not so much on the next chant the have to perform. The competitions available were great! I love how much time we have with our team and I wouldn’t change that for anything!'" Coach JessicaMountlake Terrace High School
"'We loved everything. Loved being able to view the stunts before they were taught so we had an idea of how to help the stunt groups when doing it. Loved being able to pick what cheers to be taught for our team so they weren’t overwhelmed with learning 10+ cheers.'" Coach SamanthaLindbergh High School
"'We're a small team from a small town. NCA treated like every other team, regardless of our lack of cheer experience. My girls felt comfortable and the Staff helped to build their confidence in themselves as individuals and as a team. The coaches classes were great - I especially enjoyed the focus on building a strong leadership program with my team. Thank you for facilitating the experience of a lifetime for my girls, I'm forever grateful!'" Coach SandiWaldport High School

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Camp Notes

What's NEW this year?

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Team Up for St. Jude

Varsity Spirit partners with St. Jude to support its mission of finding cures for children fighting cancer and other catastrophic illnesses. Each summer, we ask every cheerleader attending a Varsity Spirit camp to send fundraising letters to friends and family around the country, asking for donations to the renowned hospital. Join the fight and pre-order your letters for NCA Summer Camp today!

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Required Forms & FAQs

Come into NCA Summer Camp fully prepared! Access required forms and read through our frequently asked questions before coming to camp.

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