Welcome to Shippensburg University!

  • Indoor, matted, air conditioned practice facility
  • Dorm room accommodations
  • Facilities are in close proximity of each other
  • Great food and dining choices
  • For more information, contact your NCA State Director, Kayla Gibson, at kgibson@varsity.com

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Location Tips

  • Stunting is a huge part of camp! Schedule a pre-camp workshop with the team to set and practice with stunt groups so that you are ready to learn new skills at camp. Get ready to twist up, twist down, switch legs, invert, and more! NCA has the most crowd pleasing stunt & pyramid curriculum! – Brandon (“Baby Blues”) 
  • Bring appropriate rain gear in case it rains! You will walk from the dorms to the gym and then to the dining hall multiple times each day. My recommended gear is an umbrella and a change of shoes. – Lizzie 
  • Remember your outfits for FUN DAY on day 3 of camp! The staff can’t wait to see what you dress up as and want you to dress your buddy up as well! – Alysia 
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new. Whether it be learning a new stunt or making a new friend, the staff will help you build the confidence to be very best! – Kelly  

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Testimonials from Camp

"'The indoor practice facility at Shippensburg is wonderful…there was plenty of room for all of the schools that were there for camp; they had the daily coaches’ meetings right across the hall from where the girls were practicing with the NCA Staff. Everything was so efficient and ran very smoothly. The dining hall that we went to each day for our meals was very spacious and always had plenty of food to offer. The overall campus was beautiful and the security and staff were always very pleasant to work with during our stay. Without question, my squad will be going back to Shippensburg University for the NCA Cheer Camp again next year!'" Coach KathleenConrad Weiser High School
"'I have been attending NCA camps for many, many years.  Even as far back as 30+ years ago when I was in school.  I have been coaching for over 20 years and have always sent my kids to NCA camps for a number of reasons:
1)    Love the curriculum.   NCA teaches game day cheers/chants as well as performance material.  We have used stunts and pyramids learned at camp for both game day and competitions.
2)    Shippensburg is a great facility.  Love the indoor facility with mats, etc.  Large enough to accommodate a large group at camp and not a far walk from dorms or cafeteria.   Food is a little less desirable, but the dorms are great.  Girls love them.
3)    Our last and most important reason we attend NCA is the STAFF.   Throughout our years of attending Millersville, Etown and now Shippensburg, we have become close with the staff and they are great.  We love having a good relationship with the staff.  They may only see us once a year, but they remember us and treat us like family (which I love).   We tried another company one year and I will never go back.  Staff was not as personal and hands on as NCA.   I felt like we got swallowed up and went unnoticed.   As long as I am coaching, Lebanon High School will be attending NCA camps.  Hopefully at Shippensburg.'" Coach JamieLebanon High School
"'As a veteran coach, Shippensburg University is a camp that I, along with my kids, look forward to each summer.  This camp has the absolute best STAFF ever and they are the reason we continue to come back to Ship U.  This staff has elite knowledge, love, and an excitement for cheerleading.  You can see that the staff loves each other and all of the teams that attend. It is hands down the best I have seen in my 20 years of coaching. They go above and beyond by remembering the kids year to year and knowing what is going on with the team during their season.   At the end of the year when kids share some of their favorite memories many often refer to things from this camp. I truly don't even have the words describe how wonderful the staff is at this camp ... it is like coming home to family each year.   I also love the confidence my team gets because they always improve from day 1 to day 4. When we leave, I know my team is ready to go back to school ready to perform and take on the sidelines (as well as performances) with confidence. We love Ship U!'" Coach TarynBrentsville High School
"'Conestoga Valley High School LOVES NCA! As a coach, I particularly like Shippensburg due to the fantastic facility. It is indoor with a large enough space for multiple floors to be set up. The staff is always very welcoming, knowledgeable, and of course tons of fun! The kids really look forward to seeing who is returning each summer! My favorite thing about camp is the opportunity to work as a team to be game day ready. We really enjoy the final day competitions because all teams get to support one another and push us to our limits even though we are utterly exhausted from all the training put in that week. The best thing we take home from camp are the dances and game chants/cheers!'" Coach LauraConestoga Valley High School

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Camp Notes

Camp Theme

Stronger Together

We believe that teamwork and personal growth go hand in hand. At NCA Summer Camp, you’ll develop skills that last a lifetime. You’ll go beyond athletic achievements and learn the art of becoming a leader. You’ll create lifelong memories – together. Whatever your team’s goals are, we have the resources to help you succeed.

Together we are a team. Together we are stronger.

What to Bring

  • A great attitude!
  • Athletic clothing and shoes
  • Water bottles
  • Fun Day clothes
  • Game Day Props: Poms, Signs, Megaphones, Signs, Flags

What to Wear

On fun day, show how your team is stronger together! Here are some examples:

  • Super heroes
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Links on a chain
  • Legos
  • Athletic teams
  • Any other creative idea your team comes up with!