Welcome to Iowa State University!

  • Speed and Traditional combo camp
  • Dorms, dining hall and facilities are all within a short walking distance
  • Camps located in the newly renovated State Gym and Beyer Hall
  • Dorm room accommodations
  • Great opportunity for cheerleaders to visit a college campus
  • Shop the latest trends in cheer fashion at the Varsity Spirit Shop on site!
  • For more information, contact your NCA State Director, Jenna Reynolds at  jreynolds@varsity.com or (573) 397-2976.

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Location Tips

  • Come ready to work! Camp is quick, but we make it fun and memorable for every level of team there. – Caitlin
  • Get ready to learn lots new, creative, and fun stunts and pyramids! – Erica
  • Remember, the Staff is here to help make your new season a success. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions! – Weston

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Testimonials from Camp

"'The one on one time was awesome! The instructors were amazing and very helpful with all of the material.'" Coach KourtneyUrbandale High School
"'I loved how personal the NCA Staff made our first camp experience.'" Boone High School
"'I really loved the team time. Our girls bonded and I heard comments such as “we feel like a family now no just a team.” To see my cheerleaders growing not only athletically but growing to be better people is honestly the best thing I could wish for. I am super impressed by the camp staff!'" Coach SamCedar Falls High School
"'We loved how fun the staff was and the silly games they did to get everyone involved! Also, the shower of praise was so amazing! It rocked my team in such a positive way.'" Coach JodiEast High School

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Camp Notes

Camp Theme


Greatness can be portrayed in many ways, including becoming a leader, helping others, or inspiring the feeling of spirit. Since 1948 NCA has pursued our mission of empowering great athletes and building strong teams.

Join us this year to discover how to pursue your greatness.

What to Bring

  • A great attitude!
  • Camp Wear
  • Cheer Shoes
  • Water Bottle
  • Fun Day Outfit – see below for ideas on what to wear!
  • Game Day Props such as poms, signs, megaphones and flags

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What to Wear

We want to see how your team PURSUES GREATNESS at NCA Summer Camp!

Here are some ideas on what to wear for fun day:

  • Great historical figures or heroes
  • Role models or trailblazers
  • Great celebrities
  • What you want to be when you grow up
  • Landmarks or monuments
  • Someone you admire
  • Olympic teams
  • USA

Team Up for St. Jude

Since 2011, Varsity Spirit has raised over $6.5 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital because of cheerleading teams just like yours – through game days, donation letters, and online fundraising. Join the fight and pre-order your letters for NCA Summer Camp today!

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Required Forms & FAQs

Come into NCA Summer Camp fully prepared! Access required forms and read through our frequently asked questions before coming to camp.

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