• Private Coaching: Situational Sideline Private Coaching and Personalized Pyramids / Rally Routine Private Coaching Prep will now be split into groups. In addition to this, teams will be Private Coached on Game Day this summer – giving teams more one-on-one time with the UCA Staff than ever before!
  • Stunt Curriculum: New safety seminar with an emphasis on building blocks and progressions along with an updated partner stunt and pyramid curriculum including creative transitions, inversions and dismounts.
  • Fan Chants: Squads will learn several short, crowd effective line dances to popular house / band music with call backs to get the fans back home involved!
  • Coaches’ & Captains’ Workshop: Coaches will have the opportunity to bring their captains to the first Stunt Workshop and the Goal Setting meeting to ensure the leaders of the squad are aligned on both stunt training and goals for the season.
  • Super Squad Rally: The UCA Staff will host an interactive and FUN Super Hero themed pep rally, reformatted to encourage more squad participation and team bonding than ever before.
  • Additional NEW Benefits: Added daily Material Reviews to help squads master the material and Team UCA bonding time. Moved Timeout Dance (Hip Hop) to an Elective Class option to allow for more time to be spent on Private Coaching and Game Day.


  • This year’s theme, Spirit Power, embodies UCA’s mission – to inspire leadership on and off the field. It is our goal that every athlete leaves summer camp feeling confident, strong and empowered to be the best leader they can be, for life.
  • Squad Leadership Training, Captains’ Leadership Training and Team Unity is super-focused on bringing out the hero and super power in YOU.
  • Select “Hero” and “Super Power” themed cheers, sidelines and dances that your cheerleaders will love learning and performing!
  • The UCA Staff will host an interactive and team-focused Super Hero themed Super Squad Rally, reformatted to encourage more squad participation and team bonding than ever before. During Squad Credentialing time, the UCA Staff will get you prepared and ready for the pep rally and also give you tips on how to replicate the games back home.


Get creative for the Super Squad Rally with masks, capes, gloves, boots, leggings, headgear and much more. Or, honor the hometown heroes in your community and dress up like a firefighter, doctor or anyone who inspires YOU! There are countless SUPER possibilities! And – Your Varsity Spirit Fashion Rep even has spirit-themed camp wear for your squad to order. 


  • Addresses for St. Jude letters
  • Spirit Raising Props (signs, poms, megs and flags)