Outfits for Spirit Night: Celebrate UCA’s Golden Era at this year’s Spirit Night! Your team will go on a journey through the past, present, and future and dress for the era that your team is in. Some theme night outfit examples could include – decades, popular eras like fitness, fashion, spooky, etc.


  • Addresses for St. Jude letters
  • Spirit Raising Props – signs, poms, megs and/or flags
  • For a complete packing list, CLICK HERE


  • Spirit is the force that brings us together. It unites our purpose and powers our long-standing UCA Camp traditions. Your communities look to YOU to bring the spirit and unite the crowd. You can look to the UCA Staff for new and exciting ways to do just that!
  • Squad Leadership Training, Captains’ Leadership Training and Team Unity will be the spark that ignites YOUR potential so your team can come together – The Golden Era.
  • UCA Camp is the perfect place to collaborate with your teammates in preparation for game day at your school! Our top-notch instruction will ensure your team receives performs and feels their best on every single sideline!


  • Maximized 1:1 time with all stunt classes: Most overnight camps will now have all stunt classes split A/B to allow teams more space and quality instructional time with the UCA staff. *Programming varies by location.
  • NEW! Coaches’ Education Program: At all overnight camps, coaches will receive in-depth training on music education, generation specific leadership & communication strategies, along with stunt troubleshooting.
  • NEW! Final Day Evaluations will be given out to squads after their performances to ensure that each team leaves with written feedback on how to improve for the future!
  • NEW! Game Day Jams is a new element added to FNL Frenzy which teaches your team how to react when short snippets of music play during football & basketball games! 
  • NEW! Youth Camp Clementune Album will be available to customers attending our Youth Camps which will contain specific youth material (dance, cheer, sidelines).
  • Spirit Night: Celebrate UCA’s Golden Era at this year’s Spirit Night and create everlasting traditions that will follow you through your future season! The UCA Staff are joining you for a Spirit Night filled with team-bonding and memory-making activities!
  • Additional New Benefits: At overnight camps, we will host a Senior Social to help educate graduating seniors on how to best prepare for future opportunities in cheerleading! Additional resources have been added to Clementune including stunt transition videos.