Camp Locations

UCA has the perfect location for your squad with almost 200 overnight locations across the country! Your squad can experience what life is like on a university campus, enjoy luxurious accommodations at one of our resorts and more, the options are endless!

Explore Locations

Explore Locations

Camp Types

With over twenty different camp types from traditional to skills training to a home camp on your turf – UCA has a camp type to fit the unique needs of every team.

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UCA College Spirit Camps

Learn from the most talented, educated and respected instructional cheerleading staff in the country.

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Required Forms & FAQs

Release Waiver Forms, Terms and Conditions, FAQs and more.

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Become a Family at UCA Summer Camp

What makes your team a family? Trust. Laughter. Teamwork. SPIRIT! Become a family at #UCAcamp this summer. Register today!

Feb. 15, 2019

2019 UCA Camp Theme

We can’t wait to bring spirit to you in the #GreatestShowOfSummer!

Jan. 24, 2019

UCA Staff: The Best Job Ever

Go behind the scenes with the UCA Staff, and see what it’s like to wear the blue and gold each summer.

Mar. 27, 2018

UCA Game Day Championship

Bring your sideline skills to the competition floor! Find a UCA Game Day Cheerleading Competition near you!

Feb. 23, 2018