All-Americans & Special Events

All-Americans & Special Events

Individual team members attending UCA camp can try out for the honor of being named a UCA All-American. When an athlete makes All-American, they are invited to perform at Special Events across the country (and world!).

All-American Gear

Special Events

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All-American Tryouts

Who Can Try Out for All-American?

  • Once you arrive at camp, your Head Instructor will share more information about who is eligible to tryout for All-American.

What Skills Do You Perform During the Tryout?

1 – Jump of choice

2 – All-American Cheer

3 – Females will perform the Camp Routine Dance

  • Males have the option to do a stunt or the Camp Routine Dance

When and Where Are All-American Tryouts?

  • Usually the 3rd day of camp, but this may vary
  • Your Head Instructor will tell you the exact time and location of tryouts
  • Wearing your uniform is optional

How Many Cheerleaders Do You Try Out With?

  • In groups of 3 or more, depending on the size of the camp.