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For over 45 years, UCA has instilled leadership skills and personal confidence in more than 4.5 million athletes on and off the field while continuing to be the industryโ€™s leader in safety, skills and leadership โ€“ making cheerleading the dynamic, athletic activity it is today. Preparing for game day begins at a UCA Summer Camp with curriculum centered around being a Crowd Leader, Spirit Raiser, Ambassador, Athlete and Entertainer, all five of which are called upon on game day.

We are passionate about memorable experiences for young people that will last a lifetime through the glory of competition at our regional and championship events. Our championship events take place at the magical Walt Disney World Resortยฎ and are nationally televised on ESPN and CBS Sports every year.

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2020 UCA & UDA College Nationals

Congratulations to all the teams who joined us for the 2020 UCA & UDA College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championship!

Jan. 21, 2020

Together As One

Spirit is a powerful force. It brings us together โ€“ ๐“๐Ž๐†๐„๐“๐‡๐„๐‘ ๐€๐’ ๐Ž๐๐„.

Jan. 1, 2020

UCA News

Do More With Less: Grand Canyon University

Do More With Less: Grand Canyon University

With setbacks and an unprecedented season, Grand Canyon University isn't letting anything hold them back. With the 2021 UCA & UDA College Cheerleading & Dance Team National Championship just around the corner, the team is itching to finally take the stage at the prestigious event, and head coach Keegan Hubbard is right there with them!ย 

Mar. 31, 2021

WATCH: 2021 UCA & UDA March Virtual Challenge

WATCH: 2021 UCA & UDA March Virtual Challenge

This season might look a little different, but Varsity TV is determined to bring the same great UCA & UDA competition atmosphere you have come to know safely and virtually to you in this virtual competition.

Mar. 22, 2021

Dos and Don’ts of Safety

Of course you want to be ready for camp, but โ€œreadyโ€ may not mean what you think. Being ready means being prepared to learn. Here are a few do’s and donโ€™ts that will help. DOโ€ฆ Work your fundamentals. Often, we get used to doing the same four or five skills that we use at games […]

Mar. 1, 2021