UCA National High School
Cheerleading Championship

Save the Date: February 5-7, 2021

About #UCAnationals

The UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship is the most prestigious high school championship in the country, nationally televised on ESPN every year. In 2020, we had the honor of hosting over 20,000 athletes and 950 teams at the Walt Disney World Resort® in Florida in celebration of the 40th year of NHSCC.

Check out competition routine videos, complete results, exclusive team features and more from the 2020 UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship! 

2021 Championship Information

Championship Information

Qualifying Information & Important Reminders

  • 75% of the qualifying team must have attended a Varsity Spirit Summer Camp and participate in the Squad Credentialing program in order to be eligible to compete and receive a bid at a 2020 UCA fall qualifying tournament for the 2021 National High School Cheerleading Championship. For more information on the Squad Credentialing program, click here.
  • Individuals may NOT represent more than one team at NHSCC. Exception – Junior Varsity members may perform with the Varsity in a Varsity Game Day Division.
  • It is understood that teams that participate in the National High School Cheerleading Championship will NOT knowingly and willingly participate in any other cheerleading event promoted as a national or international championship for the 2020-2021 school year.  (Exception: USA National Championship and The Quest Recreational Championship) A school can compete at UCA and NCA if that team is recognized as a separate team by the school and no athletes are the same.  (No athletes can compete at both events).  Teams who violate this rule will be subject to disqualification and will forfeit the opportunity to participate in the subsequent National High School Cheerleading Championship.
  • USA Cheer recommends that all coaches complete the USA Cheer/AACCA Safety Risk Management certification course. One coach per cheer team will be required to complete the certification course and must accompany the team at the NHSCC. Proof of certification is required upon registering for the National Championship. The course is accessible online or in person, and certification is valid for four years. The online course takes between 3 and 6 hours. Coaches can take the USA Cheer/AACCA safety course on USACheer.org/safety or on the NFHS site.

Rule Updates

  • NEW! Bows should not be excessive in size and shouldn’t be a distraction to the performance. Bows should be worn in a manner to minimize risk for the participants, should be adequately secured on the back of the head with the tails facing down and should not fall over the forehead into the participants’ eyes or block the view of the participants while performing. A .25 deduction will be given for teams in violation of this rule.
  • NEW! When using props (signs, etc.) that are made of solid material or have sharp edges / corners:
    • A. A top person may not release the props to the ground.
    • B. A person on the ground must gently toss or place the props.

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