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About UCA Staff

The UCA Staff have an incredible opportunity to travel throughout the entire country teaching summer camps and training cheerleaders of all ages and skill levels. As an instructor, you are surrounded by others who share your same love and passion for cheerleading: teaching new skills, instilling leadership qualities in others and creating memorable experiences for young people. With opportunities to work clinics, spirit days, regional events, special events, championships and more – UCA Staff is so much more than a summer job. Being a part of our family is truly something special.

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About Being a UCA Staff Instructor

About the UCA Staff

UCA Staff Instructors have the opportunity to travel throughout their region and possibly the entire country to train cheerleaders of all ages and skill levels, surrounded by other instructors who share the same passion. Throughout the year, there are opportunities to work regional competitions and our championship events at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Additionally, there are special events opportunities such as Spirit Days, Special Holiday events, International trips and more.

  • The UCA Staff are SELECTED based on their skill, knowledge, experience, and teaching ability and TRAINED using hands-on instruction prior to camp. Most have attended UCA Camp as cheerleaders themselves!
  • Each is KNOWLEDGEABLE of new techniques, legal liability issues, medical responsibilities, nutrition and hydration, environmental safety and many other topics relative to the practice and performances of cheerleading skills.
  • As a part of our in-depth, in-person interview process, candidates are REFERRED by coaches and school administrators from the nation’s top college programs. We are proud to have more collegiate level instructions teach at UCA Camps than any other camp company.
  • Finally, UCA Staff Instructors are EDUCATED in the best safety practices, which is why all of the UCA Staff is AACCA certified, Level 2 background checked, and knowledgeable about concussions.

How are the UCA Staff trained?

There are 6 official training sessions for the UCA Staff at the beginning of every summer. Instructors from across the country gather at their region’s summer training to learn the fundamentals of being a UCA Instructor. The training sessions are held in various locations across the country: Alabama, Texas, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

More than 1200 instructors make up the UCA Summer Camp Staff. The staff is selected based on skills, personality and their ability to teach. At their summer training, they perfect cheers, dances and sidelines, learn the most efficient way to private coach and master the UCA stunt technique and progressions. “It’s important for us to have the material down perfectly, so when we go out and teach, we can concentrate helping the cheerleaders be the best they can be.” says UCA Instructor, Madeline Bassett.

The teaching staff at summer training, known as the “Core Staff,” provide leadership and training to instructors. One major focus throughout their week together is learning how to private coach cheers, sidelines and the Rally Routine. At some summer training sessions, new staff have the opportunity to develop their private coaching confidence with local teams.

Jeff Webb, the founder of UCA, attends all of the summer trainings to teach the instructors the history and philosophy of UCA and the impact they can have on campers’ lives. Tennessee State Director Ryan Jackson says, “Jeff’s presence always has a huge impact on our staff. Having Jeff at our summer training is great because he interacts with and helps train the staff. They really learn what the company is all about and what it stands for.”

Did you get an application at UCA Camp? Click here!

Click HERE if you received a UCA Staff App at Summer Camp!

If you have submitted an application for the UCA Staff and have not received an email back about your application, please contact the Staffing Director for your state.

The Application Invite at Summer Camp

An the application card is an invite to try out for the best cheerleading company in the world, Universal Cheerleaders Association. You were selected because of your talent, charisma and leadership potential that stood out to the UCA Staff while you were at camp. You have learned from the UCA Staff, formed a special bond with these individuals and you looked up to the instructors as role models.  And now you have been given the chance to become a member of the UCA Instructional Staff…What do you do now?

Before you get started with the application process, remember what kind of position you are applying for.  Being a member of the UCA Staff is not just an honor, it’s a real job, and for some it may be your first job.  It is a teaching position, with less emphasis on performing than you may have realized at camp. A good deal of hard work and commitment is required.  But it’s also a great summer job that will give you the opportunity to make friends and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The Application

Go to the web address listed on your application card to get started and follow the directions from there. You’ll need to upload a recent head shot and a letter of recommendation on the online application.

Preparing for Tryouts

So what should you do while you are waiting to find out about tryouts?  Keep cheering!  Practice teaching by helping new team members, and continue to sharpen your own skills at every practice, game and competition.  Identify your strengths and work on your weaknesses.  Focus on becoming more versatile as a cheerleader.  If you’ve always been a top, give basing a try, and if your feet don’t usually leave the ground, get in the air!

The Tryout

Most of the tryouts will take place in early spring.  The number of instructors chosen at a given tryout depends on the number of returning staff and the amount of camp enrollments, both with respect to your area in the country.  Thousands of “Apps” are given out across the country but only 400-500 new instructors will be hired.

Applicants are evaluated in these areas:

  • Cheer (online link will be sent through email)
  • Dance (online link will be sent through email)
  • Jumps
  • Tumbling (standing and running)
  • Stunts (all-girl and some coed)
  • Interview

The tryout process varies region to region.  The judges (Regional Managers, State Directors & veteran staff) are watching for the technique with which you perform the material, jumps, stunts and tumbling.

Perform your skills as if you are already on staff.  Project the qualities that embody a UCA instructor: confidence, capability, poise & energy.  You’ve been selected to tryout because you’ve got the skills, now focus on how you execute them!

The Interview

What are the judges looking for during the interview?  Well, that’s hard to nail down.  The judges are looking for a certain special unnameable quality, so the best advice is to just be yourself.  Here are some more interview tips:

  • Portray the real you.  Don’t fake it!
  • Dress appropriately.  If you’ve been practicing all day, make sure to change into a clean shirt for the interview.  Ladies, make sure your hair is brushed, out of your face, and avoid excessive makeup.  Gentlemen, avoid wearing a hat and make sure you are clean shaven.
  • Know yourself.  You should have a pretty good understanding of your major goals and motives, interests, abilities and your central traits before the interview!
  • Be courteous when introduced to the judges and thank them for their time at the end of the interview.
  • Be confident and self-assured, but don’t be over confident!
  • When answering questions, be brief and to the point.  Accentuate your strengths.

Good luck and remember that individuals are chosen based on their ability to continue a legacy of greatness. UCA is successful because of its teaching staff.  Being chosen means that you have the potential to fulfill a tradition of excellence!

Unfortunately, not everyone gets noticed. So just because you may not get an invite for the UCA application process at camp, does not mean you cannot receive an application.  If you are 18 or over, a senior in high school or have graduated from high school, please connect with the appropriate contact below for your location.

UCA Staffing Director Contact Information

Please find your state and contact your Staffing Director!

Staffing Director: Kristen Little – klittle@varsity.com

  • Southeast – FL, GA, NC, SC
  • Northeast – VA, WV


Staffing Director: Ashley Cormieracormier@varsity.com

  • Northeast – CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT
  • Midsouth – AL, MS, TN


Staffing Director: Parker Jackson – pjackson@varsity.com

  • Midwest – IN, IL, KY, MI, OH, WI
  • Central – IA, KA, MN, MO, ND, NE SD


Staffing Director: Kelly Stoffel – kstoffel@varsity.com

  • Central – AR, LA
  • Southwest – OK, TX


Staffing Director: Lisa Keys – lkeys@varsity.com

  • West – AK, CA, HI, NV, OR, WA
  • Mountain West – AZ, CO, ID, MT, NM, UT, WY