Performance Camps

Get ready to put on a show!

Performance Camps

These camps focus solely on the performance aspect of cheerleading. Your team will work one-on-one with an NCA Instructor to create a unique routine to music that includes stunts, tumbling, jumps, and other talents you want your team to showcase. Campers will also have a chance to learn the traditional Stunt, Dance, and Jump curriculum.

Performance Camp Curriculum

NCA Custom Coaching : 4
One-on-one time set aside each day so your NCA Buddy can help you with whatever you choose, whether it’s evaluation material, stunts, cheers, dances, or material from home.
Number of Evaluations : 4
1-4 available, depending on camp.
NCA Camp Cheer
The NCA Camp Cheer is taught so that nominated athletes can use it for their All-American Tryout. This is offered but not required at Performance Camps.
Chants Taught : up to 2
1 or 2 available, depending on the camp.
Jump Class : 2
NCA provides specialized Jump Classes giving personalized instruction and drills to build technique for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced jumps.
Stunt S.A.F.E. & Skill Drills
NCA sets the standard for safety with specific safety classes that provide hands-on training for the entire team. Teams learn proper safety techniques to ensure safe practice and performance all year long. Stunts are taught in progression and drills are emphasized to ensure proper technique. Teams at camp even take part in a Safety Awareness Test to reinforce the importance of safety and new regulations.
Core Stunts
Core Stunts are an essential part of every other stunt variation. By learning the correct technique of our six Core Stunts & two dismounts taught, teams will have the proper technique to succeed.
Team Evaluation/Skill Check
Teams will be asked to perform the Core Stunts that are the foundation of cheerleading technique. The NCA Staff will evaluate the skill level of each team and recommend what level stunt classes they should attend at camp. This ensures that teams are learning stunts that are safe for their skill level.
Stunt Classes
Stunt classes are offered at Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced/Elite. Teams will learn new, innovative stunts alongside the industry standard stunts associated with their level.
Pyramid Workshop : 2
Teams will learn new twisting, flipping and creative pyramid transitions, and structures. This class is a camp favorite for coaches and campers. Teams return home with new pyramid choreography that’s perfect for a routine, pep rally, or game time performance.
Design Time
During this time you will work on- on-one with your Buddy to create a semi-customized routine using the NCA Curriculum learned at camp.
Game Day Implementation Class
Learn how to effectively implement stunts and signs to elevate the game day atmosphere.
Time-Out Spirit Dance
Choreographed as a Novice-level dance, the Spirit Dance is taught to the entire camp with a focus on having fun!
Band Chant
The dance is optimal for incorporating both cheer and dance teams, as well as additional spirit program entities. This dance is a novice to intermediate level dance.
Hip Hop Dance
NCA is known for setting the standard with the Intermediate-level Hip Hop dance. This dance style allows us to mix it up with a more fluid and freestyle spirit. This is a camper favorite.
Advanced Dance
Build on the specialty dances your team has learned with these advanced dance techniques so your team can have the best skills and routines possible.
The Jam
This performance-style dance will be incorporated into your team’s final routine. This dance allows for transitions, level changes, and partner work that can be used in your team’s performance on Final Day.
Campers warm up and stretch with the NCA Staff just prior to physically active classes taking place. Fun and energetic, Cheerobics is the perfect way to avoid injuries and sore muscles.
Additional Jump Class
Build on the skills your team learned in the Jump Technique Class. Optional class for those who want to take their jumps to the next level.
Team Time
Squads may come to camp as individuals but leave as a cohesive team. The daily interactive team building classes encourage athletes to embrace each other and work together towards a common goal.
All-American Tryouts
Awarded by NCA Staff to individuals who show strength in spirit, technique, and leadership. Nominees and Winners are eligible for select Special Events.

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