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Creating a vision for being difference makers

Leadership Camps

NCA Leadership camps offer in-depth training on individual and team leadership skills. The leadership curriculum is woven into every area of the camp experience through fun, thought-provoking activities and team bonding. Teams focus on practical leadership, goal setting and creating a vision for being difference makers.

Leadership Camp Curriculum

1-on-1 Coaching
One-on-one time set aside each day so your NCA Buddy can help you with whatever you choose, whether it’s evaluation material, stunts, cheers, dances, or material from home.
Number of Evaluations : 2
1 on a Game Day Chant learned at camp and 1 on a Game Day Cheer learned at camp.
NCA Camp Cheer
Learned on Day 1. This is a great timeout cheer for your team and will be used for All-American tryouts.
Chants Taught : up to 9
Get your crowd going with up to 9 sideline chants.
Jump Class : 1
One interactive jump class is offered Day 1 so you can integrate your jump skills in other areas of the camp program.
Stunt S.A.F.E. & Skill Drills
NCA sets the standard for safety with specific safety classes that provide hands-on training for the entire team. Teams learn proper safety techniques to ensure safe practice and performance all year long. Stunts are taught in progression and drills are emphasized to ensure proper technique. Teams at camp even take part in a Safety Awareness Test to reinforce the importance of safety and new regulations.
Core Stunts
Core Stunts are an essential part of every other stunt variation. By learning the correct technique of our six Core Stunts & two dismounts taught, teams will have the proper technique to succeed.
Team Evaluation/Skill Check
Teams will be asked to perform the Core Stunts that are the foundation of cheerleading technique. The NCA Staff will evaluate the skill level of each team and recommend what level stunt classes they should attend at camp. This ensures that teams are learning stunts that are safe for their skill level.
Stunt Classes
Stunt classes are offered at Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced/Elite. Teams will learn new, innovative stunts alongside the industry standard stunts associated with their level.
Pyramid Workshop
Teams will learn how to integrate the stunts learned into pyramids at the end of each stunt class.
Rally Routine
This class takes place 5 times throughout camp. Each team goes home with a personalized pep rally routine. You are set for your first pep rally!
Game Day Implementation Class
Learn how to effectively implement stunts and signs to elevate the game day atmosphere.
Dance Class
Take home a fun hip hop routine and a pom routine. Dance class is a camp favorite!
Band Chant
The dance is optimal for incorporating both cheer and dance teams, as well as additional spirit program entities. This dance is a novice to intermediate level dance.
Campers warm up and stretch with the NCA Staff just prior to physically active classes taking place. Fun and energetic, Cheerobics is the perfect way to avoid injuries and sore muscles.
In-depth training on individual and team leadership skills. This curriculum is woven into every area of the camp experience through fun, thought-provoking activities and team building. Practical leadership, goal setting and creating a vision for being difference makers. This year’s theme is STRONGER TOGETHER. All activities will center on developing a greater team bond and a vision for what can be accomplished together.
Star Jumper/Tumbler
Individual competition that takes place on Evening 1. Anyone make compete as long as the minimum requirements are met. Winners are eligible for select Special Events.
Star Stunt Group
Competition on Evening 2. Maximum of 5 cheerleaders per stunt group. 30 second routine with NO music. Winners are eligible for select Special Events.
All-American Tryouts
Awarded by NCA Staff to individuals who show strength in spirit, technique, and leadership. Nominees and Winners are eligible for select Special Events.
Final Day Competitions
Game Day and Rally Routine Competition. Winners are eligible for select Special Events.

Leadership Now & Later Home Camps

NCA’s Virtual Now & Later Camps are a new camp type that allows us to safely bring spirit to you. Start your season now with a Virtual Camp taught by our top NCA Instructors and schedule an in-person time later where your team can work with the NCA Staff on stunts/pyramids, custom coaching and building blocks you began during your virtual camp.

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on our world, including a direct effect on how cheerleaders form their teams, practice and train at summer camp. Our NCA Now & Later Home Camps have been created to provide an opportunity for teams in locations who are unable to gather and attend their summer camp. We want to assure you that we are prepared to deliver instruction that will meet your state and local guidelines while providing the same world-class experience you have come to expect from NCA.

How the Virtual Part of Camp Works:
Three days prior to your camp start date, you will receive an email from us with an invite that unlocks your personal Zoom meeting. As the coach, you will simply forward the invite along to all of your athletes and make sure they know what time camp starts. Everyone can log in from their homes, meet the instructors and learn, bond and grow together while apart. See below for a full menu of class offerings.

NCA Leadership Now & Later Home Camp Schedules:
Download 4-Day Now and Later
Download 3-Day Now and Later

Varsity TV Home Routine Showcase

We are excited to announce the Varsity TV Home Camp Routine Showcase. Teams participating in an NCA Home Camp are invited to upload videos of their Band Chant, Chant and Cheer final day routines on Varsity TV to display their talent and spirit across the nation!

Don’t miss out on the fun! Ask your coach about uploading your performance from your Home Camp to showcase your team.

Learn More

Learn More

NCA Home Routine Showcase

NCA Home Routine Showcase

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