Welcome to Fort Collins, Colorado!

  • Speed Camp location with one-on-one, instructor to team ratio
  • Top notch skill training, complete with tumbling instruction
  • Comfortable dorm room accommodations
  • For more information, contact your NCA State Director, Kim Buie at kbuie@varsity.com

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Location Tips

  • Staff and teams really bring the high energy to this camp. – Andy
  • It’s all about perfecting and learning new skills. Come ready to learn! – Lindsey
  • We’ll be working hard. Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated and keep that focus. – Jeremy

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Testimonials from Camp

"'It was nice to have the opportunity to work on tumbling at camp. The kids enjoyed the drills and all of the pointers.'" Coach MarleyLegacy High School
"'Having our own buddy instructor was great for learning new skills, working on technique and correcting problems with skills we already had been working.'" Coach KimSouth High School
"'This year I wanted something a little ``tougher`` to help push them. And I really was concerned that the camp might be over our heads since we have a wide variety of skills. But you all did an amazing job teaching each team where they were.'" Coach TaniaWoodland Park High School

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Camp Notes

Camp Theme

Stronger Together

We believe that teamwork and personal growth go hand in hand. At NCA Summer Camp, you’ll develop skills that last a lifetime. You’ll go beyond athletic achievements and learn the art of becoming a leader. You’ll create lifelong memories – together. Whatever your team’s goals are, we have the resources to help you succeed.

Together we are a team. Together we are stronger.

What to Bring

  • A great attitude!
  • Athletic clothing and shoes
  • Water bottles
  • Fun Day clothes
  • Game Day Props: Poms, Signs, Megaphones, Signs, Flags

What to Wear

On fun day, show how your team is stronger together! Here are some examples:

  • Super heroes
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Links on a chain
  • Legos
  • Athletic teams
  • Any other creative idea your team comes up with!