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Build Your Own Home Camp schedule with the best staff in the country on your own turf! Select from game planning, private coaching, dances, stunts, All-American tryouts, team bonding, Jump Off, pep rally planning and more. With a 1-15 ratio, home camps provide the most personal attention to concentrate on both individual and team improvement.

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Home Camp Testimonials

"'Having a home camp with the UCA staff was really beneficial for our team this past year. The flexibility, expertise, and professionalism the staff exhibited to my athletes truly hit the mark with what I expect from UCA. The work that the staffers put in, helped lead the way to our first National Championship. As a coach, I really appreciate the UCA staffers crafting the camp to what I want to see and work on but also keeping it fun for the kids. I'll always continue to use UCA to start our season off right with camp.'" Coach VignaliRidge High School
"'I wanted to pass along a note of thanks and appreciation regarding our camp instructor Jaime! I truly appreciate her willingness to help keep our team stay safe by wearing a mask throughout the camp sessions, even when we were outside. She served as a role model for our team who were reluctant at first to wear masks. She kept things positive and reassured them that it was the right thing to do... That made this ``mama hen`` heart feel a sense of relief.'" Coach Karin RohrigBrownell Talbot College Preparatory School
"'We loved having UCA come to our own school for an At-Home Camp! We didn’t have to go far away, and had the professional and fun UCA staff come to us! It was a lot more personal and we enjoyed learning all of the fun cheers, dances, and ideas that are expected at a UCA camp. We’re excited to have them come back for 2 more days in August! Thanks UCA, for making this option available to us at such a crazy time!'" Coach KrissyFairfield Junior High
"'We just finished a home camp with UCA and honestly I was worried at first about how it was going to be with no stunting and all the restrictions but my girls had a great time. They actually got a lot of material out of the camp and felt like they received more individual attention. They replaced the stunting with extra material such as a timeout dance and fan chants which are dances that you can do any music. They also taught the girls extra cheers and had a sign, megaphone and pom class for the entire squad. The girls had to wear their masks if they were sitting in a group but when they were spread out across the gym being active they put them around their wrist. The instructors called me a couple of days before and asked me what I wanted from camp and we were able to fill in for the stunting with elective items that she suggested and I approved. It was really great.'" Coach Teena
"'We had an excellent experience with UCA & V!ROC at our camp this summer! In this weird and often unknown time that we live in, we were able to have a largely normal camp experience, and that was because of the staff! They wore masks the whole time, sanitized more than regularly, and were frequently monitoring temps. Because of the rules and protocols they had set up, our coaches and kids also felt safe, clean, and sanitized for the entirety of the camp, and the staff was able to do that without compromising their instruction or the quality of the camp! It was so nice to have something that felt almost normal, and for our kids to learn so much. Thank you Varsity for being prepared, having a plan, keeping us safe, and still giving our kids an excellent and productive camp experience! We love you!'" Coach WhitneyCorner Canyon High School
"'Just completed our AT HOME UCA CAMP! IT WAS AMAZING. AT THE LAST MINUTE (the morning of we were informed that we could not stunt). Well Lemons to Lemonade!!
It worked and was totally worth it. OUR program just jumped into clean, drill based skill learning and amazing game day. The drills for skills was almost more important than stunting, the team learned so much about the foundations of cheerleading and it was amazing. Sometime starting over this the best and only thing you can do! Way TO GO UCA FOR SUCH professional, knowledgeable, and flexible STAFF!!!!! Let’s Go 2021! We love UCA!'" Coach Dejay BranchWallenpaupack High School
"'We had a home camp with UCA mid June and everything went great! The only thing different was not stunting and she replaced it with more sideline cheers and team building activities. We could not have a showcase on the last day so we videoed and sent to parents through our communication app. It really was a success!!!'" Coach Brandi
"'We just finished camp with three UCA Instructors and it was an awesome two day camp. The staff followed all the COVID-19 regulations and were very professional. They were organized and helped the girls with all their skills and choreographed two great routines for them. My cheerleaders loved being taught by them and had fun too. Thanks so much UCA for making at home camp work this year with all of the limitations, the girls will have great lasting memories of camp.'" Coach AmandaOrion Junior High

Sample Schedule & Curriculum Highlights

Spirit Prop Workshop & Game Day Training
Squads will learn how to create excitement and engage the crowd during a game with poms, signs, megs, flags and proper spiriting techniques in the Spirit Prop Workshop! During Game Day Training, teams will learn exciting and crowd effective sidelines, cheers and band chants to become the ultimate crowd leaders at school.
NEW - Stunt & Pyramid Curriculum
Updated partner stunt and pyramid curriculum from beginner to elite with new transitions, inversions and dismounts while still following the UCA progressions squads know and love. Includes a Safety Awareness Test, Spotting Seminar and Stunt Qualification.
Sideline Private Coaching
Personalized and situational sideline instruction with the UCA Staff for football or basketball with training on motions, voice inflection, incorporating crowd effective skills and more!
FNL Frenzy
Squads will learn how to create excitement and engage the crowd in different game situations such as kickoff / tip-off, first down, free throw and more!
Team Building
Build, bond and grow through team building exercises, encouraging evaluations and leadership training.
Cheer Private Coaching
One-on-one time with the UCA Staff incorporating spirit props such as signs, poms, megs and flags along with skills and spirit into a cheer of choice.
Sideline Stunts
The UCA Staff will help teams work on utilizing simple but fun stunts to coordinate with the band and entertain the crowd at games!
Fan Chants
Squads will learn several short, crowd effective line dances to popular house / band music to get the fans back home involved!
Camp Routine Private Coaching
Individualized time with the UCA Staff to help create an eleven 8-count performance customized to the squad’s unique strengths and abilities.

Coaches' Education & Safety

Educational and Safety Best Practices
UCA is powered with the knowledge of both Varsity University and Spirit Works! Learn proven techniques for successful spirit program management as well as elevating your school’s spirit like never before. Also, 100% of the UCA Staff are USA Cheer safety certified so you learn safety the right way from the start!
Coaches' Gifts
UCA loves our Coaches! Attend UCA Camp and receive the material/music download code, coaches' gift, summer bonus material, Game Day Playbook, membership to the Varsity Club and a tryout kit. ($59 per advisor)

Squad Credentialing

Credentialing Overview
Since 1974, UCA has been dedicated to providing instruction, competitive opportunities and memorable experiences for cheerleaders with an emphasis on leadership and safety. Cheerleaders have the honor and responsibility of creating a strong sense of school pride and elevating spirit within their school and community through five key roles – crowd leader, spirit raiser, ambassador, athlete and entertainer. When squads focus on achieving excellence in each role of the cheerleader, they lead the way in elevating spirit within their school and community.

Along with the five roles of a cheerleader, teaching proper progressions and safety training are top priorities at UCA. As stated by the National Federation of State High School Associations, the four crucial aspects of leadership are communication, team building, problem solving and motivation – each of which are a focus in our summer camp curriculum. Together, as partners in building strong school spirit programs, this makes up the Varsity Spirit / NFHS Credentialing program.

The UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship (NHSCC) is the only Cheerleading National Championship endorsed by the NFHS. The NFHS works with nearly 20,000 schools, 11 million students across 50 states. Their endorsement is a reflection of the values we share and the high standards we have developed for the NHSCC and our camp curriculum. Because safety and leadership is so important to both the NFHS and UCA, completing the NFHS Squad Credentialing program at a Varsity Spirit Summer Camp is required for teams to be eligible to qualify for the 2019 UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship.

The implementation of the Varsity Spirit / NFHS Squad Credentialing Program is part of our continued mission to elevate the profile of cheerleaders, whether on campus, at a game or in the community.

Crowd Leader
The title cheerleader says it all, leading the crowd through cheers. They can do this by using a combination of crowd-effective chants and skills to rally the crowd and together, support the athletes on the field or court. Signs, poms, megaphones and flags are vital tools to get the crowd’s attention and communicate loudly and clearly how they should participate. This should strengthen unity among the fans, encourage sportsmanship and foster pride and loyalty for the school and community.
Spirit Raiser
When cheerleaders spread their sense of pride for their school both on and off the field, they are helping others build a connection to their place of learning and the community within it. Spirit raising is taking the pride cheerleaders have for their school and sharing it with others. Whether it means making signs and encouraging their peers to attend the big game, planning and hosting pep rallies, organizing sprit weeks or keeping the positivity up in and out of the classroom, spirit starts with the cheerleading team.
As some of the most visible students on campus, it is important for cheerleaders to be positive role models for others both inside the classroom and out in the community. As examples for other students, cheerleaders can help raise the bar for academics, school spirit and behavior. At games, the cheerleader’s primary role is to support the success of others. How many other athletes can say that? Cheerleaders celebrate other team’s victories just like it’s their own. Win, lose or tie, cheerleaders understand the value of sportsmanship and the importance of supporting others, teaching them to be better role models both on and off the field.
Just like all athletes, cheerleaders have the natural drive to perfect their skills and progress to new ones. Cheerleading requires strength and flexibility to perform stunts, jumps and tumbling. Technique creates a strong foundation for hitting skills and learning new ones. Physical endurance is required to cheer throughout an entire game, during practices and at competition. Competition is an opportunity for recognition for the incredible job cheerleaders do throughout the year. While it does showcase great athleticism, it should not be the team’s primary focus.
Not only do cheerleaders support the athletes on the field, they entertain the crowd in the stands in between plays, during timeouts or halftimes and during other spirit raising events. By performing visual dances, partner stunts and tumbling, cheerleaders create a visual interest to supplements the in-game entertainment never distracting what is happening on the field. If the crowd is engaged with what the cheerleaders are performing on the sidelines, they are more likely to yell for the athletes on the field or court.
Through our camps, we have consistently stressed safety awareness classes that emphasize the importance of proper technique and progressions for all cheerleaders. There is no more important issue in cheerleading than safety. Our goal moving forward is to continue to make cheerleading safer and safer, and to ensure that our athletes understand it is vital in their team's success. We will go through a Safety Awareness and Spotting Seminar before we start stunt class, too!
From individuals leading within a squad to a squad leading on campus and in the community, spirit leaders will focus on developing the fundamental NFHS leadership skills. The four crucial aspects of leadership as stated by the NFHS are communication, team building, problem solving, and motivation. The UCA Staff will lead you every step of the way through the Squad Credentialing Program!


2-Day BYO Home Camp
$182 per participant (10 or more)
$1,820 per squad (Under 10)
3-Day BYO Home Camp
$219 per participant (10 or more)
$2,190 per squad (Under 10)

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