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Learn more about this specific location below. The UCA Staff cannot wait to start working with you and your team! We are excited to partner with you to build skills, confidence, routines, friendships and memories to last a lifetime!

About This Location

  • Air-conditioned dorm housing is a fun experience for team bonding
  • Camp is held in an air-conditioned practice facility
  • Delicious food options during meals!
  • Short walks between camp, dorms and cafeteria
  • This location uses mats for camp
  • Great opportunity for cheerleaders to visit a college campus
  • Shop the latest trends in cheer fashion at the Varsity Spirit Shop on site!
  • State Director: Ashley Loucks | aloucks@varsity.com | 812.340.4882

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Testimonials from Camp

"'Not only did I love going to camp as a cheerleader but I might love it even more on the coaching side! There is #somuchtolove about UCA. Whether you're looking for a crowd involvement cheer, ripples for that visual, or a dance to get everyone's attention, you'll find it. All the UCA staff does such an amazing job with the campers and the coaches. Always making sure everyone feels important, involved, and well taken care of from many aspects. Doesn't matter if you need a band-aid, directions to the bathroom, or a question answered about college cheerleading. I always come home from camp knowing our money was well spent and we are better prepared for our season.'" CoachNorthwestern High School
"'As a High School cheer coach, it is very important to me that my teams have the best opportunities possible when it comes to sideline and competitive cheer. UCA provides that and more! I can email the State Director, Ashley Loucks, with any type of question or inquiry and will always get a prompt response! We usually attend camp at Purdue University. My girls will say it’s because of the amazing food in the dining facilities, but as a coach, I can always count on bringing home new skills and new material that we will use from year to year. The bonds and connections developed between different schools and UCA staffers will last a lifetime. Ultimately, my program is better because of UCA!'" Coach LisaNorthwood High School
"'The best thing about Purdue itself is the food and the dorms! After a long day of cheering the girls work up an appetite and good food is a must! The UCA Staff is well organized. They stay on schedule, but are flexible to change to meet coach’s needs. The staff is always great with our teams. Always upbeat, smiling when greeted and positive to work with.'" Coach ChrisLaPorte High School
"'We loved the individual attention that we received! This camp is a perfect size with a mix of skills. Cowan loves coming to UCA camp at Purdue University!'" Coach ReneeCowan High School

Camp Notes

Camp Theme & What's New This Summer

  • To check out what’s new this summer, what to bring/wear and about the camp theme – click here!
  • To view the camp brochure – click here!

Team Up for St. Jude

Varsity Spirit partners with St. Jude to support its mission of finding cures for children fighting cancer and other catastrophic illnesses. Each summer, we ask every cheerleader attending a UCA Camp to send fundraising letters to friends and family around the country, asking for donations to the renowned hospital. Join the fight and pre-order your letters for UCA Summer Camp today!


Required Forms & FAQs

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