Welcome to Norman, Oklahoma!

  • All participants attending camp at OU are invited to participate in the football halftime performance on OU Spirit Day in the fall!
  • FUN DAY is amped up at this camp featuring a snow cone and water slide party! Dancers can bring a swimsuit to enjoy the fun.
  • Dorms do not include microwave or refrigerators; bring twin XL sheets.
  • For special dietary needs or restrictions contact Peggy Whaley at pwhaley@ou.edu.
  • For more information, contact Brittani McLaurin at bmclaurin@varsity.com.

Location Tips

  • Bring a water bottle to refill at hydration stations.  Camp can be hard work sometimes, so be prepared! – Jessie
  • Fun, fast and high-energy camp! Come prepared to learn! – Dana
  • Teams that attend NDA Camp at OU are invited to participate in a Spirit Day (admission to the game, a pre-game clinic, meal, t-shirt and the half-time performance)! The OU Pom & Cheer squads will teach participants a short routine to perform at halftime. You will also get a chance to be with the OU Spirit Program as they warm up prior to the game. – Marja

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Testimonials from Camp

"'The atmosphere at camp was very good! We loved all of the encouragement and positivity. One of our favorite parts is the dance party.'" Coach MontgomeryLawton High School
"'Our staff was great and we loved the variety of routines and levels taught. Perfect mix of fun and hard work.'" Coach SmithNorman North Junior Varsity
"'My girls and I loved the staff at this camp! Our HI and all of the instructors each made a huge effort to make each and every girl feel special and confident. The routines were great and well taught. We will definitely be using several of the routines throughout the year!'" Coach SpencerNorman North High School

Camp Notes

Camp Theme

It’s all about the JOURNEY at NDA Summer Camp!

This summer we are exploring the invaluable role dancers play in their communities as athletes, ambassadors, performers, role models and spirit raisers. Not only will the journey at NDA Summer Camp be fun and educational, but also lead to self-discovery so your athletes can return to their peers as empowered, respectful leaders. What will you discover on your #JourneyWithNDA?

What to Bring

  • A great attitude!
  • Camp Wear
  • Dance Shoes
  • Water Bottle
  • Funner Day Outfit — see below for ideas on what to wear!

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What to Wear

We are going on a JOURNEY at NDA Summer Camp! Discover the importance of respect, hard work, encouragement, confidence and just having fun. Speaking of fun, here are some outfit ideas to plan for FUNNER DAY at camp:

  • Take flight as PILOTS
  • Set sail as SAILORS
  • Shoot for the stars as ASTRONAUTS
  • Stay on track as TRAIN CONDUCTORS
  • Explore new frontiers as EXPLORERS
  • Enjoy seeing new things as TOURISTS
  • Discover something new as SCUBA DIVERS
  • Set a course for success as OLYMPIC ATHLETES
  • Get creative and have FUN!

Team Up for St. Jude

Varsity Spirit partners with St. Jude to support its mission of finding cures for children fighting cancer and other catastrophic illnesses. Each summer, we ask every dancer attending a Varsity Spirit camp to send fundraising letters to friends and family around the country, asking for donations to the renowned hospital. Join the fight and pre-order your letters for NDA Summer Camp today!

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Required Forms & FAQs

Come into NDA Summer Camp fully prepared! Access required forms and read through our frequently asked questions before coming to camp.

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