Intermediate Divisions

The newest competitive divisions at UDA Regionals and the National Dance Team Championship in Orlando, FL

UDA’s newest divisions are waiting for YOU!

The Intermediate Divisions were created specifically for Varsity Dance Teams who are interested in competing at the regional and national level with others at the same technical level. These divisions are a great fit for teams who are new to competing, have less than five years of dance experience or who are only able to train a limited amount of time each week.

Want to know if the Intermediate Divisions are the right choice for your program? Read on below for more information.

Styles Offered

We currently offer Varsity Intermediate Jazz, Varsity Intermediate Hip Hop, and Varsity Intermediate Pom categories at all regional competitions as well as the National Dance Team Championship. All Intermediate Divisions have skill restrictions in place. This helps to ensure teams will compete against others on the same technical level and helps to maintain the spirit of the division.

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Skill Restrictions

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