Digital Dance Critique

Your Team + UDA Certified Judges = Recipe for a Successful Season

Memphis Hip Hop pointing during their routine at College Nationals

Digital Dance Critiques give your team the tools to maximize your season!

UDA is thrilled to offer Digital Dance Critiques to your team this season. Whether you’re gearing up for a regional event near you or perfecting your Nationals choreography, this unique service will set your team on a path towards success. Help your team enhance their technical skills, movement quality, uniformity, spacing, formations, staging and much more by requesting a critique today!

Once you request a Digital Dance Critique, your team will be paired with an expert UDA Certified Judge based on your routine’s style and division. Submit a video of your routine and receive written feedback followed by a personal phone call to discuss the critique in depth. Feedback relates directly to the UDA score sheet.

Dancer competing her jazz routine at NDTC


UDA Camp Customers – $200 per routine

Non-Camp Customers – $250 per routine

You must be a coach of a school team or an all star program to request a critique. 

CLICK HERE to Request a Critique

Critiques are available for all routine types and occasions. Most commonly requested critiques include:

  • Pep Rally/Halftime routine
  • UDA Regional Events
  • UDA National Dance Team Championship
  • UCA & UDA College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championship