UDA Game Day

College Game Day

Game Day at Camp

College Dance Teams have a main focus is to support athletics and UDA is here to teach and help implement teams how to do just that! Our College Camp program is designed to help teams prepare for their season and real life situations at their game days. Instruction and private coaching on Game Day will take place throughout camp and Game Day Evaluations will take place on the final day of camp.

The Game Day Evaluations Consist of 3 parts:

  1. Fight Song
  2. Game Situation
  3. Performance Routine

Below are detailed descriptions of each of those components.

Fight Song – Teams perform their traditional fight song after one-on-one private coaching from a UDA instructor. If a school doesn’t have a traditional fight song they can perform one of the UDA Band Dances instead. There is no longer a Traditional Fight Song Evaluation on day 3 of camp.  Fight Songs are now a component of Game Day Evaluations and will take place on final day.  Staff will private coach Fight Songs on day 3 during Game Day private coaching (at a 4 day camp).

Game Situation– This component of Game Day includes 2 elements. 1) A real life scenario where the team will have time to react with an offense or defense sideline (chant). 2) The performance of the UDA Timeout (Band Dance).

Performance Routine – Teams will have the option of learning one of three- 30 second Performance Routines (pom/jazz/hip hop).  For Performance Routines, the general choreography will be taught but it is up to the team to add in formations, levels, group work, etc.

College Game Day Championship

The order for the Game Day Championship will be random based on audio cues and will consist of Fight Song, Game Situation (offense/ defense) and a Game Day Performance Routine.

Fight Song

Skills and choreography should represent a traditional fight song your team performs at games.

Game Situation

This component of the Game Day Championship includes two elements. Teams are encouraged to use spirit raising props such as signs and/or poms.

          1. A real life scenario where the team will react to an audio cue with an offense or defense game sideline (chant).
          2. Timeout (band dance to band music) designed for crowd interaction. The timeout should be the same, regardless of what situation (offense or defense) you are given.

Performance Routine

A 30 second routine (can be any style) that is designed for crowd entertainment.

This is the best time to showcase your team’s energy and connection to the crowd.

College Game Day Championship Rules and Score Sheets

College Game Day Nationals Cues

Fight Song:

Let’s hear it for the band

That’s a win for ________________


Offense Sideline (Football):

The home team takes control of the ball on their own 25 yard line.

______________ just got a first down


Offense Sideline (Basketball):

Alright fans, with 20 seconds left SCHOOL NAME OR MASCOT NAME gets the ball back!

And starting the 2nd half the SCHOOL NAME OR MASCOT NAME get the ball.


Defense Sideline (Football):

Our defense needs to make a stop here to seal the win.

It’s 3rd down for the D, get on your feet and make some noise.


Defense Sideline (Basketball):

Let’s hear it SCHOOL NAME OR MASCOT NAME fans. We need to get that ball back!

We need a stop here SCHOOL NAME OR MASCOT NAME fans, let’s make some noise!


Timeout Routine:

There’s a time out on the floor

The home team has called a timeout

College Game Day Championship

The Game Day Championship showcases what showing your school spirit is all about – leading the crowd! Teams will be evaluated on their ability to lead the crowd, performing exciting routines, execution of skills, motion technique and overall routine.

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High School Game Day

UDA Game Day

Perks of UDA Game Day:

  • Gives teams a 3rd performance opportunity.
  • Opportunity to compete with more dancers than other categories.
  • Ease of already having choreography – teams will showcase a fight song, spirit raising performance & performance routine.
  • Created as a way for teams to compete with elements they are doing at their schools and in their communities all season long.

NEW! Game Day Live at NDTC

A NEW division is available at NDTC in 2023! Game Day Live allows your dancers to collaborate with the band, creating an electrifying Game Day Championship.

CLICK HERE for more information for dancers and pep bands about Game Day Live

Game Day Live Includes:

  • Band Performance
  • Dance Team Entrance
  • Fight Song
  • Spirit Raising
  • Performance Routine

All elements of the Game Day Live routine will be done to music played by the band.

For performance details, click here.

For School Competition Rules, click HERE!

Game Day at Regional Competitions & NDTC

The format for Game Day is inspired by what teams do at home throughout their season. With all three elements combined, the Game Day performance cannot exceed a 3:30 time limit.

Fight Song: The first element should reflect your school’s traditional Fight Song. The skills and choreography should represent the traditional Fight Song that your team performs at games and community events. Teams can choose to incorporate crowd effective skills to enhance the overall effect. For teams that do not have an official Fight Song, it is recommended to use a second selection of band chant music. Music guidelines are available at varsity.com/music.

Spirit Raising Performance: This element will follow the Fight Song. There will NOT be a cue given by the announcer. Teams will choose to perform ONE of the following elements; Sideline Routine, Stand Routine, or Drum Cadence. Squads should focus on crowd appeal, and choreography/skills need to be relevant to a game-day environment. These can be performed to band music or a piece of popular music. Music guidelines are available at varsity.com/music.

Performance Routine: The final element is a 1:00 routine that can be in any of the following styles: Pom, Jazz, Kick, or Hip Hop. There will NOT be a cue given by the announcer. These routines should be designed for crowd entertainment and would be something your team would perform during a timeout or halftime. This is the best time to showcase your team’s energy and connection to the crowd.

Teams must show a clear separation between elements. Teams are highly encouraged to show spirited interaction as a clear transition.

Spirit Videos are no longer a required element for the Game Day divisions at the 2023 National Dance Team Championship.

Rules, Divisions, and Scoring

UDA High School Game Day

UDA is thrilled to announce our new UDA GAME DAY CHAMPIONSHIP! This division was created as a way for teams to showcase and compete with elements they are doing at their schools and in their communities all season long. Watch the video to see the format.

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