NDTC 2023

National Dance Team Championship | January 31-February 2, 2025 at Walt Disney World Resort

  • For more than 40 years, the UDA National Dance Team  Championship has been the culmination of the season for dancers across the nation. It’s the most prestigious high school national championship in the country and the perfect opportunity for dance teams to get together and celebrate each other at the Most Magical Place on Earth, the Walt Disney World Resort.
  • UDA NDTC is endorsed by the NFHS, reflecting the values we share and the high standards we have developed for our camp curriculum, regional qualifiers and NDTC.

2024 Event Results

2024 Event Results

⭐ How to Qualify for NDTC

To attend the National Dance Team Championship, teams must first qualify by receiving one of the following:

  • All Superior trophy winners at UDA camp with 5 or more members*+
  • All Home Routine trophy winners at UDA Overnight camp with 5 or more members
  • Teams attending any Varsity branded camp with 5 or more members can also qualify for Nationals at a UDA regional competition*
* Teams must attend an overnight camp, day camp, or home camp that is at least 2 days in length to be eligible
+ Teams will continue to qualify for a Superior trophy at overnight and day camps by athletes being evaluated in all routine evaluations. To qualify for a Superior trophy at home camps each athlete must be evaluated on a minimum of 2 camp routines.

⭐ Event Pricing and Registration Information

2024 Sample Event Pricing

Registration for the 2025 event will open Fall of 2024.

⭐ Divisions, Rules and Scoring

CLICK HERE to view more information regarding divisions, rules and scoring.

"'The NDTC staff are always so nice and make everything such a positive experience no matter what. I love that UDA has stayed so true to that family fun atmosphere and kept everything in a manner that all ages can enjoy.'" Hilda Jimenez, Coach
"'I loved seeing the support that each team showed for all teams on the floor and watching so many fabulous routines with my athletes. It was my program's first year attending and they were awestruck in the best way!'" Jane Doe, Coach
"'We loved all the communication from UDA. It was our first time competing at NDTC and we felt like someone held our hand through the whole process!'" Dani Dunmire, Coach
"'As a coach, I love spending the weekend with my team and giving them the opportunity to see what other teams from around the country are doing.'" Jennifer Blankenship, Coach