📝 2023 Registration Information

Event Registration Specialists

Please contact your registration specialist for questions only.  All registration changes must be requested through the change link on your MyVarsity account.  Changes will be processed in the order they are received.

For more information about UDA Regional Competitions, CLICK HERE.

Ticket Information

  • Ticket confirmation numbers will be emailed to the contact person on the registration after the invoice is paid in full.  Note. if you pay in full before November, you may not receive your ticket confirmation until then.  Once ticket numbers have been communicated, no changes will be accepted.  All upgrades to tickets must be requested before paying in full.

🏷️ 2023 Package Pricing Information

CLICK HERE to view the 2023 Championship Pricing Guide!

Update 11/28: NDTC Hotel Travel Packages are now SOLD OUT. You may still register for the event under a Commuter Package.

NEW FOR 2023: Teams staying on the Hotel Travel Package will have first choice of Open Practice times at ESPN Wide World of Sports on Wednesday or Thursday. Transportation to/from Open practice will be provided for teams who have the majority of their team staying on the hotel travel package.

Teams who are on the commuter package will be able to select open practice times after those on the hotel travel package and must provide their own transportation to/from ESPN Wide World of Sports.   All open practice times are first come, first served and not guaranteed.

Park Hopper Ticket Upgrade Pricing

  • 2-Day to 3-Day: $44
  • 2-Day to 4-Day: $147
  • 2-Day to 5-Day: $179
  • 3-Day to 4-Day: $103
  • 3-Day to 5-Day: $135

⭐ 2023 All Star Information

All Star Divisions, Rules and Scoring

2023 Bid Information

  • Dance Summit – more information COMING SOON!
  • The Dance Worlds – more information COMING SOON!

2023 Competition Format

  • Two-Compete Style
    • All Star Teams will compete twice in their divisions during the championship weekend.
    • Friday-Saturday: Junior, Senior and Open Divisions
    • Saturday-Sunday: Tiny, Mini, Youth

⭐ 2023 World School & Performance Cheerleading Championships

General Rules and Information

  1. The World School & Performance Cheerleading Championships (WSPC) is held in conjunction with the National Dance Team Championship (NDTC). All U.S. teams must follow all Rules and Regulations of the NDTC.
  2. All finalists from the 2022 NDTC  in the Jazz, Pom, Hip Hop or High Kick divisions are eligible to compete in the divisions offered. All Star teams are eligible to compete regardless of attendance or placement in the 2022 NDTC.
  3. If you are eligible to compete at the 2023 WSPC, you are able to enter into any dance category. Example: if you were a Jazz finalist in 2022 at NDTC, you can also enter into Hip Hop when registering for the 2023 WSPC.
  4. Due to the size of the NDTC – Intermediate divisions and Game Day divisions will not be offered in the WSPC. Novice and Prep will not be offered for All Star teams. The NDTC will attempt to ensure teams will not have overlapping performance / warmup with WSPC.  However, The NDTC cannot guarantee that a performance overlap will not occur during the final schedule.
  5. Teams must be registered participants of the National Dance Team Championship to be eligible.

Schedule of Events

  1. Friday – NDTC Preliminary and Semi-Final rounds of competitions, visit parks.
  2. Saturday – NDTC Semi-Final and select Final rounds of competition, visit parks.
  3. Sunday – NDTC select Semi-Final and Final rounds of competition along with the World School & Performance Cheerleading Championships (WSPC) Final competition.


  1. Teams will be awarded placement trophies.
  2. Jackets will be awarded to Champions based on the number of athletes on the floor plus two coaches.
  3. Nation’s rankings will be awarded to the top countries competing across all divisions.

Divisions Offered

All Star Divisions (All styles offered) Prep and Novice not offered

  • Tiny (Hip Hop, Kick, Jazz, Pom)
  • Mini
  • Youth
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Open

 School Divisions (Pom, Jazz, Hip Hop, Kick)

  • Primary School (International Teams Only)
  • Junior High
  • Junior Varsity
  • Varsity*

*Varsity divisions will split if there are more than 10 teams in a category

⭐ 40th Anniversary Opening Number

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of NDTC, we invite dancers from competing teams to perform with the UDA Staff for an Opening Number to kick off the ESPN show!  The Opening Number has been a tradition since the beginning of the event and we are excited to bring it back to celebrate this milestone birthday for NDTC.

  • WHO: We invite 2 dancers from each school team to participate and 2 dancers from each All Star Division that the program is competing in to participate (Example: All Star program is competing in the Youth, Junior and Senior Divisions (doesn’t matter how many routines), they can have 2 Youth dancers, 2 Junior dancer and 2 Senior dancers participate.
  • WHAT: Dancers will take the floor with members of the UDA Staff to kick-off the ESPN show. Dancers will be sent an email with a small amount of choreography the middle of December to learn prior to arriving in Orlando.
  • WHEN: Once in Orlando, there will be one rehearsal on Saturday and then we will record for the ESPN show on Sunday.  The exact times will be released once the order of competition is out.
  • WHAT DO WE WEAR: Dancers participating should wear one of your schools uniforms, preferably one with your team name on it during the performance.

We will send more information out in December with the choreography and look forward to having everyone join this exciting performance!

🎺 Game Day and Game Day LIVE! at NDTC

NEW! Game Day Live:

  • A NEW division is available at NDTC in 2023! Game Day Live allows your dancers to collaborate with the band, creating an electrifying Game Day Championship.Game Day Live Includes:
    • Band Performance
    • Dance Team Entrance
    • Fight Song
    • Spirit Raising
    • Performance Routine

    For performance details, click here.

Traditional Game Day:

The format for Game Day is inspired by what teams do at home throughout their season. With all three elements combined, the Game Day performance cannot exceed a 3:30 time limit.

  • Fight Song: The first element should reflect your school’s traditional Fight Song. The skills and choreography should represent the traditional Fight Song that your team performs at games and community events. Teams can choose to incorporate crowd effective skills to enhance the overall effect. For teams that do not have an official Fight Song, it is recommended to use the second selection of band chant music. Music guidelines are available at varsity.com/music.
  • Spirit Raising Performance: This element will follow the Fight Song. There will NOT be a cue given by the announcer. Teams will choose to perform ONE of the following elements; Sideline Routine, Stand Routine, or Drum Cadence. Squads should focus on crowd appeal, and choreography/skills need to be relevant to a game-day environment. These can be performed to band music or a piece of popular music. Music guidelines are available at varsity.com/music.
  • Performance Routine: The final element is a 1:00 routine that can be in any of the following styles: Pom, Jazz, Kick, or Hip Hop. There will NOT be a cue given by the announcer. These routines should be designed for crowd entertainment and would be something your team would perform during a timeout or halftime. This is the best time showcase your team’s energy and connection to the crowd.
  • Teams must show a clear separation between elements. Teams are highly encouraged to show spirited interaction as a clear transition.
  • Spirit Videos are no longer a required element for the Game Day divisions at the 2023 National Dance Team Championship.

For more information about Game Day, click HERE!

For School Competition Rules, click HERE!

Pep Band Battle

  • Performance Regulations
  • Pep Band Battle is an optional additional performance opportunity for pep bands that participate in the Game Day Live divisions of the National Dance Team Championship (NDTC). Participating pep bands and drumlines will engage in a bracket-style performance, competing for crowd engagement against other Game Day Live pep bands. The purpose of this performance is to provide participating bands with another performance opportunity, engage with their peers in a fun and crowd-driven environment, and showcase the spirit raising abilities of bands to their audiences and administrations.

🏰 Walt Disney World Park Reservation Information

Walt Disney World Theme Park Reservations:

To help manage park capacity, the Walt Disney World Resort has introduced the Disney Park Pass service, a new Theme Park reservation system. In order to make your Theme Park reservations, you will need a My Disney Experiences account and valid Theme Park admission linked to it.  Once you are paid in full, approximately 7-10 business days later, Varsity Spirit will send you a ticket confirmation order number. Then, simply create a My Disney Experience account and select the dates and Theme Parks you wish to visit. To enter a Theme Park, both a reservation and valid admission for the same Park on the same date are required. Please note that reservations are limited in capacity, subject to availability and are not guaranteed until confirmed. If the first park you would like to attend reaches capacity, you can make a reservation for another park and then “hop” to your top choice after 2PM that day. Park availability is very limited and Varsity Spirit will not be able to assist with park reservations.

IMPORTANT NOTE WHEN PURCHASING THEME PARK TICKETS: The reselling or the transferring of theme park tickets in the state of Florida is a crime as described under Florida state laws; Florida Statutes s. 817.361 and Florida Statutes s. 817.36

Park Reservation How-To Resources:

Please note: There is a 25 person/ticket maximum on managing/linking per unique My Disney Experience account. And in the PDFs above, MDX is an abbreviation for My Disney Experience.

✈️ Travel Tips and Discounts

Walt Disney World no longer operates the Disney Magic Express. Attendees will be responsible for their roundtrip transportation from the Orlando International Airport to the resorts.

  • MEARS Direct Connect will be offering a 10% discount to those attending Varsity Spirit events for transportation from the Orlando International Airport.
      • One-Way Child (3-9): $12.15
      • Round-Trip Child: $24.30
      • One-Way Adult: $14.40
      • Round-Trip Adult: $28.20

CLICK HERE to purchase your MEARS Direct Connect Transportation!

Airline and Rental Car Discounts: 

Delta Airlines

  • When booking online at www.delta.com/meetings, select ‘Book Your Flight’ and enter your Meeting Code NMVZP.

American Airlines

  • 2022-2023 Booking Instructions
  • Authorization Code: A9813DL
  • The discount can be booked on-line at aa.com for AA/AE flights only, without a ticketing charge, allow at least 1 business hour for AA.com loading.  Use the Authorization Number noted above without the preceding A as the AA.com Promotion Code.  May not apply to some contracts.

Southwest Airlines

Avis Car Rentals

  • CLICK HERE to view AVIS booking information
  • If asked for AVIS Proof of Company Association, CLICK HERE for document that can be shown to desk agent.

Travel Tips – Be prepared for your trip to the magical Walt Disney World Resort: 

✒️ Terms & Conditions/ Required Forms

General Event Information

⭐ 2023 Qualification Information

To attend the National Dance Team Championship, teams must first qualify by receiving one of the following:

  • All Superior trophy winners at UDA camp with 5 or more members*+
  • All Home Routine trophy winners at UDA Overnight camp with 5 or more members
  • Teams attending any Varsity branded camp with 5 or more members can also qualify for Nationals at a UDA regional competition*
* Teams must attend an overnight camp, day camp, or home camp that is at least 2 days in length to be eligible
+ Teams will continue to qualify for a Superior trophy at overnight and day camps by athletes being evaluated in all routine evaluations. To qualify for a Superior trophy at home camps each athlete must be evaluated on a minimum of 2 camp routines.
All Star teams DO NOT have to qualify for the 2023 National Dance Team Championship.

⭐Divisions, Rules and Scoring

CLICK HERE for more information on Divisions, Rules and Scoring.