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Save the Date for the 2023 National Dance Team Championship:

February 3rd-5th, 2023

⭐ NDTC Qualification Information

To attend the National Dance Team Championship, teams must first qualify by receiving one of the following:

  • All Superior trophy winners at UDA camp with 5 or more members*+
  • All Home Routine trophy winners at UDA Overnight camp with 5 or more members
  • Teams attending any Varsity branded camp with 5 or more members can also qualify for Nationals at a UDA regional competition*
* Teams must attend an overnight camp, day camp, or home camp that is at least 2 days in length to be eligible
+ Teams will continue to qualify for a Superior trophy at overnight and day camps by athletes being evaluated in all routine evaluations. To qualify for a Superior trophy at home camps each athlete must be evaluated on a minimum of 2 camp routines.
All Star teams DO NOT have to qualify for the 2022 National Dance Team Championship.

⭐NDTC Coaches Informational Meeting

Information COMING SOON!

⭐NDTC Registration Information

Registration for the 2023 National Dance Team Championship has not opened. For more information about UDA Regional Competitions, CLICK HERE.

⭐Game Day and Game Day LIVE! at NDTC

NEW! Game Day Live:

  • A NEW division is available at NDTC in 2023! Game Day Live allows your dancers to collaborate with the band, creating an electrifying Game Day Championship.Game Day Live Includes:
    • Band Performance
    • Dance Team Entrance
    • Fight Song
    • Spirit Raising
    • Performance Routine

    All elements of the Game Day Live routine will be done to music played by the band.

    For performance details, click here.

Traditional Game Day:

The format for Game Day is inspired by what teams do at home throughout their season. With all three elements combined, the Game Day performance cannot exceed a 3:30 time limit (Spirit Video will not count toward the overall time limit.)

  • Spirit Video: Teams competing in Game Day at NDTC will submit a video prior to the championship that will include footage of the dance team in school and in the community. There is a possible total of 15 total points to be earned and these will be played at the beginning of the team’s performance at NDTC. For more information on Spirit Videos, click HERE.
  • Fight Song: The first element should reflect your school’s traditional Fight Song. The skills and choreography should represent the traditional Fight Song that your team performs at games and community events. Teams can choose to incorporate crowd effective skills to enhance the overall effect. For teams that do not have an official Fight Song, it is recommended to use the second selection of band chant music. Music guidelines are available at
  • Spirit Raising Performance: This element will follow the Fight Song. There will NOT be a cue given by the announcer. Teams will choose to perform ONE of the following elements; Sideline Routine, Stand Routine, or Drum Cadence. Squads should focus on crowd appeal, and choreography/skills need to be relevant to a game-day environment. These can be performed to band music or a piece of popular music. Music guidelines are available at
  • Performance Routine: The final element is a 1:00 routine that can be in any of the following styles: Pom, Jazz, Kick, or Hip Hop. There will NOT be a cue given by the announcer. These routines should be designed for crowd entertainment and would be something your team would perform during a timeout or halftime. This is the best time showcase your team’s energy and connection to the crowd.
  • Teams must show a clear separation between elements. Teams are highly encouraged to show spirited interaction as a clear transition.

For more information about Game Day, click HERE!

⭐ 2022 Hotel Travel Package / Pricing Information

The information below is valid for the 2022 National Dance Team Championship ONLY.

2022 Hotel Travel Package Pricing 

  • USA Cheer, the organization responsible for reviewing and updating cheerleading safety standards, has developed a comprehensive Dance Membership Program, which includes a background check, athlete protection training, acknowledgment of concussion training with return to participation guidance, and a member code of conduct. Beginning with the upcoming 2021-22 competition season, Varsity Spirit will require that all school dance coaches, choreographers and personnel wishing to access the warmup area, backstage, coaches’ box or music table at NDTC to have a USA Cheer Dance Membership. Proof of certification is required upon registering for the National Championship. For more information, click here.
  • USA Cheer Coach Verification Example 

Additional Walt Disney World Park Hoppers:

Available for family or friends not included in one of the travel packages. This includes up to five days admission into ESPN Wide World of Sports® Complex.  Tickets will be available for purchase through January 14, 2022.  Park Hopper tickets will not be sold at the event.

  • 2 day – $388
  • 3 day – $425
  • 4 day – $522
  • 5 day – $553

Package Upgrades:

You may upgrade the ticket that is included in your package for the rates below. This can be noted in the “ADD ON” step of the registration process.  Any extra tickets for family members must be purchased through the “Discounted Tickets” link on the main registration page.

For 3 Night and 4 Night Packages:  $97 (3 Day to 4 Day), $128 (3 Day to 5 Day)

For Commuters and 2 Night Packages: $37 (2 Day to 3 Day), $134 (2 Day to 4 Day), $165 (2 Day to 5 Day)

Additional Competition Pricing Information:

  • There is a $100 Crossover fee for those who are competing in the School and All Star Competition.
  • All Star registration fees cover two performances per athlete.  Any additional performance over 2 and up to 6 routines is $40 per performance.  
  • There is a $45 fee per athlete for dancers who want to compete in the World School Performance Cheer Championship
  • If you are doing Game Day as your third category, it is an additional $40 per athlete.

Additional Event tickets for purchase:

  • We are excited to bring back the Celebration party on Sunday, February 6 at Magic Kingdom! This ticket is included for those on our Hotel Travel package.  For those not on our travel package, you can purchase a ticket for $55 per person.  This ticket does not include transportation to the event.
  • Meal Vouchers can be purchased for $17 each.  These vouchers can be used at designated counter service meal options throughout the property. 2022 Disney Meal Vouchers
  • Party tickets and Meal Vouchers will need to be picked up during registration hours at the Championship Office in Orlando: Celebrity Hall, 1755 W Buena Vista Drive Lake Buena Vista, FL  32830 (In between the Disney All Star Sports Resort and Music Resort in the back parking lot)

ESPN Wide World of Sports single-day tickets:

  • For those who would like to purchase tickets only for ESPN Wide World of Sports, they will be sold online starting in early January and will also be sold on-site.  These are $40 per day.  Entrance into the ESPN Wide World of Sports is included for those on the hotel travel package as well as anyone who purchased additional Walt Disney World Park Hopper tickets from Varsity.

⭐ Airport Transportation Information

Transportation is not included in the hotel travel package to and from the airport. The Disney Magical Express is not in operation at the time. Transportation is provided from the hotel to the venue for those on the travel package.

Mears Connect

  • Standard Service is suggested.

Avis Budget

  • All Varsity Spirit customers with receive discounted rates (up to 25% off)
  • Book Now!


⭐Travel Tips and Discounts

If you are flying to Orlando International Airport, we recommend you use ALTOUR to make your flight arrangements. If there are flight delays or weather cancellations on arrival or departure days, they will be able to accommodate you better with tickets purchased through ALTOUR. To purchase flights call 1-866-719-0379.

Airline and Rental Car Discounts: 

United Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Delta Airlines

  • When booking online at, select ‘Book Your Flight’ and enter your Meeting Code NMUZS.

American Airlines

  • 2021 Booking Instructions
  • CODE: A7822DE
  • The discount can be booked on-line at for AA/AE flights only, without a ticketing charge, allow at least 1 business hour for loading.  Use the Authorization Number noted above without the preceding A as the Promotion Code.  May not apply to some contracts.

Avis Car Rentals

  • All Varsity Spirit customers with receive discounted rates (up to 25% off)
  • Book Now!

Travel Tips – Be prepared for your trip to the magical Walt Disney World Resort: 

⭐Divisions, Rules and Scoring

CLICK HERE for more information on Divisions, Rules and Scoring.

⭐ Terms & Conditions/ Required Forms

NDTC Terms & Conditions

Adult Release Waiver

Minor Release Waiver