UDA Staff

What’s UDA staff all about?

For over 40 years, UDA has delivered a dynamic summer curriculum with top-notch staff to motivate, inspire and energize your team. Every year brings new routines, sidelines for games, evaluations, awards, fun activities and so much more. Join us this summer as we empower your team to reach new heights and lead more effectively at school and in the community. 

  • The UDA Staff are not only great role models but also incredible dancers, skilled at breaking down choreography for every level and learning style. 
  • The 300+ talented and educated UDA Staff are hand-selected from the nation’s top university dance programs and undergo extensive training from UDA prior to each summer camp season. 
  • At UDA Camp your team will receive one on one technique instruction and private coaching from our UDA Instructors. 
  • UDA has trained over 1.2 million dancers since 1980! 
  • Our Summer Camp Instructors are hand-selected from leading colleges and universities across the country including team members from National Championship cheer teams and Gold Medalists from the US Premier National Teams. 

Scroll down to find out how you can apply to be a part of the UDA Staff Family!

About Being a UDA Staff Member

UDA Staff Credentials

UDA is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for its participants’ physical, emotional and social development, and promoting an environment free from abuse and misconduct.

All of our UDA Instructors complete the following certifications:

  • Background Check
  • Heads Up Concussion Training
  • Athlete Safety and Wellness Program – must pass a 25 question, scenario-based test on the maltreatment of children and understanding mandatory reporting requirements
  • Good Moral Character Affidavit
  • Comprehensive Staff Training Program
  • Fingerprinting – as required by state law and camp requirements

About UDA Staff

Being a member of UDA’s instructional staff is a great way to stay involved in dance all year long!  This is a summer job like no other as we combine dancing, teaching, and traveling into a one-of-a-kind employment opportunity.  The UDA Staff is comprised of young men and women possessing character and empathy, teamwork and leadership skills, and of course, talent!   Find your place alongside the best dancers in the dance team industry as you share your passion with hundreds of participants and coaches all summer long.

Role of the UDA Instructor –

  • First and foremost, you’ll be teaching!  This includes breaking down and demonstrating routine choreography, teaching technical skills of all levels, and leading seminars on various topics.
  • You will also get to work one on one with athletes to help them master new skills and prepare for evaluations.
  • Every instructor also serves as a Team Leader to their assigned teams to help promote leadership and to make camp fun, exciting, and memorable!

Job Training – All instructors will be fully trained on how to teach camp prior to the summer.  Whether virtually or in-person, you will have the chance to meet fellow staff members as you learn our curriculum, practice skills and perfect material.

Types of Camp – Most instructors teach a variety of UDA Summer Camps. They include overnight camps, home camps, resort camps, convention camps and clinics. Overnight camps are held at university campuses or hotels, while home camps are held at schools. Although the focus is mostly on high school athletes, participants can range in age from elementary/youth up through college!

Additional Opportunities – While primarily a summer camp role, this position also brings opportunities to work throughout the year, including local competitions, National Championships, Special Event Parades, tryouts and clinics.

  • Check out our staff video above for more reasons to be a part of our incredible staff!

Employment at UDA

Here’s a look at what you can expect to gain from a position with UDA:

Improved Dance and Instruction Abilities

  • Learn to pick up new choreography quickly and perfect breaking down and cueing routines through extensive training.
  • Become a more versatile dancer by developing proficiency in a variety of styles.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of progression in technical skills through instruction, demonstration, and repetition.
  • Develop strong trouble shooting skills as you work with teams of all ability levels

The Perks

  • Additional year-round employment opportunities like weekend clinics, camps, and competitions.
  • Summer Camp instructors become eligible to work special events like half-time shows, parades and national championships, many at Walt Disney World Resort!
  • Networking!  Gain experience for future job opportunities in the dance industry (apparel sales, marketing, event production) and various fields of education
  • Work alongside some of the top dancers in the country from many different universities.

Transferable Work Experience:

In addition to staying active, meeting fellow dancers from across the country and, of course, having fun, you will also gain valuable work experience that can impact your future educational and employment endeavors.

  • Public speaking – Feel your confidence grow as you lead teams through the daily camp curriculum.
  • Interpersonal skills – Every camp is your chance to be a part of, or even manage, a team of fellow instructors.
  • Leadership and managerial skills – Become a pro at facilitating ice breakers and team-building exercises.
  • Time management skills – Perfect your attention to detail as you work with teams to achieve their goals.
  • Problem-solving skills – Learn to think on your feet and create adaptable plans. Every camp is different!
  • Customer service skills – Resolve yourself to exceeding every customer’s expectations.

Application and Tryout Information

Applications for the summer of 2025 are now OPEN! 

CLICK HERE to apply today!

Tryout Video Submissions: Your video tryout will consist of evaluations on routine, technical skills, and teaching ability. Required material will be provided to all applicants after application deadline.

Results:  Positions will be offered based primarily on the video submissions.  In other situations, if circumstances allow, applicants may be asked to attend an in-person evaluation and/or interview.  Additional one-on-one or group interviews may be conducted virtually as well before final decisions are made.

Questions?: For any questions regarding staff employment, please email Ginger Hauser at ghauser@varsity.com



  • What is the time commitment like?……
    Time commitment and accountability are huge requirements for this job. It is a full-time summer commitment spanning from late May/early June through the end of August. If you are unavailable at any time during the summer, it is your responsibility to make your Staffing Director/State Director aware. Once your contract is signed, you are required to fulfill your entire schedule of camps that you are assigned to. You will be teaching from a minimum of 8 to 12 hours a day when at camp. You will be on your feet performing skills and interacting with teams for most of the camp.
  • Will I stay in my area or be away from home?
    Both! You may be working a camp close to home for a week then in a different area the next. Traveling from camp to camp is another aspect and privilege of this job. Sometimes, the distance between camps can vary, so always be prepared to travel outside your area. There will be occasions where you might have to travel and stay by yourself in a hotel, therefore feeling comfortable on your own is a must. Traveling is a privilege of this job, and you will find that some of your lifelong friends will be made through visiting new areas of the country!
  • What will I be doing as an instructor?
    How much do I get paid?
    The UDA pay scale is based on experience in performing and teaching and will be set once you are hired. Once at camp, all lodging and meals will be paid for by UDA. On top of your base pay you will receive non-taxed expense money per camp for travel and additional meals. If you are asked to travel a longer distance and you go beyond the fixed amount, you will be reimbursed through an expense report. If you are scheduled for a Day Camp or a Home Camp, you will be housed in a hotel and given more expense money since you will be on your own for more meals. You will be trained on all of these procedures prior to your first camp.
  • How much will I be working?
    Instructors are scheduled according to seniority, availability and need of the camp. Normally, first-year UDA Instructors work anywhere from 4-8 camps. Keep in mind, this number can vary either direction based on your performance, willingness to be flexible, and location. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact your Staffing Director.

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