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Make your season SUPER at UDA!

UDA Hotel Camps

Hotel camp offers the FULL UDA camp experience!  This is the best option for exposing athletes to all aspects of dance team as it follows the same curriculum as a traditional overnight camp but is held at a hotel location.

Teams can participate in optional Home Routine Evaluations and bond through teambuilding activities as well as Crazy Night!  Each dancer will learn and be evaluated on 2 routines in a variety of levels and styles for A and B routines and teams learn and are evaluated on a Performance Routine.  Technical training includes 2 Team Technique Classes as well as a Drills to Skills class and athletes receive additional education in #squadgoals classes. Athletes will all participate in our new Game Day SNZ class to help better all aspects of their gameday.

At Hotel Camp, teams can qualify for Nationals, individuals can qualify for All-American and Coaches can participate in Educational Classes offered by Varsity University.

Sample Schedule & Curriculum Highlights

FREE Curriculum Videos and Music
By attending UDA Camp, you will receive an exclusive library of routines and music to utilize throughout your season
UDA Team Leader
Each team is paired with a member of the UDA Staff for leading teambuilding activities, team discussions, and to be your guide throughout your camp experience
Game Day SZN
Get ready for your season with a brand new class for every athlete at camp, Game Day SZN. Athletes will get to learn a sideline to take home and go through every part of game day to better all aspects for their school.
Home Routine Evaluation
An opportunity for teams to start their season strong by performing together and receiving constructive feedback from the UDA Staff. Teams can also qualify for the National Dance Team Championship by participating in home routine
Team Building
Time is set aside each evening for teams to gather together with their team leader and do activities to strengthen their team bonds
Various educational classes on relevant dance team topics for dancers to grow and learn more about themselves
Crazy Night!
Get ready to have some fun because Crazy Night is full of games and activities for teams to dress up and work together
Crazy Night!
Get ready to have some fun because Crazy Night is full of games and activities for teams to dress up and work together
Performance Routine Private Coaching
Prepare for evaluations and fine tune your routine before hitting the field or court with private coaching time with a member of the UDA Staff
Team Technique Class
Grow as a team during team technique class by setting new goals and learn how to properly execute new and old technical skills
Drills to Skills
A chance for individuals to learn fundamental drills to help perfect and learn new skills

Coaches' Education

Coaches' Meetings
Attend daily Coaches’ Meetings with your Head Instructor discussing topics such as game day for coaches, mental health and growth mindset, credentialing and more. In addition to this – all coaches’ will receive an exclusive UDA Coaches' Manual to utilize throughout your season. After camp, your State Director is a year-round resource for all of your questions and needs!
Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Continuing Education Unit credit is a nationally recognized measure of a sponsored activity through institutes, workshops and short courses. By attending UDA Camp, coaches have the opportunity to earn CEUs to further their professional career as a coach
$1 Million Dollar Secondary Liability Insurance
UDA provides coverage for cheer coaches employed full time by a school or school district. Must be 21 years of age. Member coverage remains in force through May 15, 2020, subject to the renewal of the master policy.

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