Christian Camps

The USA Christian Camp Experience

4 Days/3 Nights or 3 Days/2 Nights – Resort or University
• Combine material and Christian ideals at this faith-based camp experience
• Work with USA staff trained in the Varsity Christian Leadership Program
• Participate in morning prayer, daily devotionals and times for reflection
• Learn exciting new game day and performance material set to Christian focused music
• The Pin It Forward program and Team Up for St Jude philanthropy instill Christian values throughout camp

Christian Camp Handout

Christian Camp Handout

Christian Camp Curriculum

All-American Tryouts
All Varsity team members are eligible to tryout to be an All-American. In the cheer program, 6 members from Freshman/JV Teams may tryout (Chaperone required for Freshman that attend the Rome tour). Tryout requires campers to perform material learned at camp. Campers selected as an “All-American” have the opportunity to attend the All-American tour in Rome.
Class Competition
Dress bow-to-toe in your class color and ``GLOW FOR IT`` at the annual Class Competition! Play games and dance the night away at this unforgettable glow-in-the-dark party!
Camp Dance
Part of the USA experience is learning the annual camp dance. This routine will be taught to every camper that attends a USA camp and can be used as a fun ``unity`` routine bringing all your programs together.
Game Day Evaluation
This evaluation takes place on DAY 3 of camp. Teams are given a game situation and must respond appropriately with one of three Sideline Cheers learned at camp followed a Band Chant, also learned at camp. Superior, Excellent or Outstanding ribbons will be awarded.
Fight Song Evaluation/Home Routine ``Show``-case (Optional)
This showcase/evaluation takes place on DAY 1 of camp. Teams may bring a Fight Song to be evaluated and/or a home routine to showcase, limited to 1 minute per routine. Teams will receive written feedback for their Fight Song performance. Use your traditional Fight Song or USA Fight Song available to learn online prior to camp. Add formation changes, visual effects, roll offs, skills, etc. Incorporations should be practical and crowd oriented. Emphasis on TECHNIQUE, EXECUTION & SHOWMANSHIP. For the Home Routine Showcase, teams will receive verbal feedback from USA instructors. Home Routines can be performed with or without music.
Each school will select their best jumper to compete in the Jump-off. The top jumper will be awarded a ribbon.
Specialty Workshop
A variety of classes both skill based and material based will be offered during these workshops. To take full advantage of all classes & material, divide your team members and have them attend different classes.
Pin It Forward
This is an opportunity for select campers to be recognized by both the staff and their peers for demonstrating leadership, spirit, commitment, kindness and motivation.
``Show`` Stopper
The top All-American selected by the USA staff. The “Show”-stopper will receive a sweatshirt and a medallion.
Senior Spotlight
A special ceremony to recognize the seniors at camp.
Staff TeamMate
Each team will be assigned a Staff TeamMate for camp. This staff member will work closely with your team to help them accomplish camp goals.
Staff TeamMate Time
One-on-one time with your Staff TeamMate to prepare for the Game Day Evaluation and the USA Routine Evaluation.
Stunt groups will compete against other groups at camp by performing a variety of stunts. The top group will be awarded blue medallions.
Team Up for St. Jude
Teams are encouraged to participate in this philanthropy program supporting St. Jude Hospital by filling out fundraising letters.
Unity Games
Team bonding time and team building activities designed to unite your team!
USA Routine Evaluation
This evaluation takes place on DAY 4 of camp. Teams will be evaluated on the USA Routine that they learn at camp. The routine must incorporate formation changes, visual effects, roll-offs, plus skills (tumbling, jumps and/or stunts). Emphasis on CREATIVITY, TECHNIQUE & SHOWMANSHIP.

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