American Cheer Power Grand Nationals

  • ACP is an innovative and growing organization where cheerleaders are athletes.
  • Athletes love the jackets, rings, trophies, medals, banners and fun competition themes.
  • When the Cheer Power truck rolls into town, you KNOW the event will be FUN!

ACP is dedicated to the development of our athletes, teams, and coaches. We commit ourselves to inspiring excellence in current and future generations. Look for ACP as we continue raising industry standards!

Championship Information

General Information

Cheer Power Grand Nationals

March 29-30, 2025

Columbus Convention Center
400 N High St,
Columbus, OH 43215

Event Contacts
Our team is here for your team. The following staff members can assist your program with this event.

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Spectator Information

2025 Event Information Coming Soon!

Bid Information

2025 Bid Information Coming Soon!

2024 Bid Information:

The Cheerleading Worlds

The Summit

  • 3 Full Paid Bids
  • 4 IASF At-Large Bids
  • 7 At-Large Bids

The D2 Summit

  • 3 Full Paid Bids
  • 7 At-Large Bids

The Youth Summit

  • 1 Full Paid Bid
  • 4 At-Large Bids

The Regional Summit

  • 2 Full Paid Bids (1 DI, 1 DII)
  • At-Large Bids awarded to the top 3 teams in eligible divisions

The Recreational Summit

The U.S. Finals

  • Golden Tickets

Housing Required Event

This is a Housing Required Event.

For your convenience, we have secured attendee blocks throughout the city with amazing rates specifically for Varsity All Star customers. Team Travel Source (TTS) has also successfully negotiated team friendly terms and conditions with each of our host hotels to take the worry and hassle out of booking hotel accommodations so that you can focus on your teams preparation and performance. If you have questions about Stay Smart please e-mail

The League 600 point event

The League by Varsity All Star

The League by Varsity All Star is the official points system for the sport of all star cheerleading. Teams are separated by D1 & D2 and placed by their age group, based on the points they earn throughout the regular season. Winners are named bother regionally and nationally and receive their share of $500k in cash and prizes. This event is worth 600 points.

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Previous Championship Information

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  • 2024 Cheer Power Grand Nationals Results: View
  • 2023 Cheer Power Grand Nationals Results: View

Photo Gallery


Meet the 2024 Varsity All Star Pinnacle Award Winners

Teamwork, Dedication, Confidence, Leadership – this is The Varsity All Star Pinnacle Award. The Varsity All Star Pinnacle Award was created to recognize athletes that exemplify exceptional leadership qualities and dedication to all star. This award is based on the four characteristics of #AllStarStrong – Teamwork, Dedication, Confidence, and Leadership. Pinnacle Athletes are leaders, encouragers, […]

May. 10, 2024

Looking Back On The 2023 D2 Summit Level 5 Champions

Looking Back On The 2023 D2 Summit Level 5 Champions

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming D2 Summit, it's only fitting to take a moment to look back at the exceptional performances of the previous Level 5 winners at the 2023 event! These talented athletes showcased unparalleled skill, precision, and passion on the stage, leaving audiences in awe of their abilities. Each routine was a testament to their dedication and hard work, as they flawlessly executed intricate stunts, dynamic tumbling passes, and captivating choreography!

May. 9, 2024

Tiny Dancers Shine: Highlights from the 2023 Dance Summit Tiny Division

Tiny Dancers Shine: Highlights from the 2023 Dance Summit Tiny Division

Despite their small stature, the Tiny Division dancers brought immense energy and charisma to the stage, capturing the audience's hearts with infectious enthusiasm! From adorable costumes to perfectly synchronized choreography, each performance was a testament to the dancers' and their coaches' dedication and hard work. As they twirled, jumped, and smiled their way through their routines, it was evident that these tiny dancers were destined for greatness in the world of dance!

May. 2, 2024

Recapturing Magic: Revisiting 2023 Level 3 The Summit Routines

Recapturing Magic: Revisiting 2023 Level 3 The Summit Routines

As we prepare for the excitement of the 2024 The Summit, it's the perfect time to revisit the electrifying performances of the 2023 Level 3 competition! From stunning stunts to flawless tumbling passes, each routine showcased the dedication and talent of the athletes who graced the stage. As we relive these memorable moments, anticipation builds for the upcoming competition, where teams will once again strive to reach new heights of excellence and claim victory at the prestigious event!

May. 2, 2024