Pom Intensive Camp

The USA Pom Intensive Camp Experience

3 days/2 nights
• Focus on pom technique and learn a variety of material at this specialty camp experience
• Innovative & crowd-pleasing routines in Pom, Jazz and Hip Hop
• Experienced staff that will challenge your dancers-Master class from industry leader
• Team technique & specialty skills
• Evaluated on a performance ready team routine

Pom Intensive Camp Curriculum

Captain Meetings/NFHS Roles of a Dancer
Head Instructors will meet with the captains (or assigned leaders) to inform them of important items for the day. Captains will gain asense of responsibility for their team, begin to develop and utilize their leadership skills all while learning about the NFHS Roles of a Dancer. By participating in daily classes, teams will become certified in the NFHS Roles of a Dancer and will receive a certificate at the end of camp.
Coaches Meetings
Head Instructors will meet with advisors and coaches daily to review important items for the day. There will also be workshops geared toward advising/coaching. Coaches also have the opportunity to fill out a Coaches Assessment on Day 2 of camp. Lastly, classes for Coaches Certification are available.
Dance Star & All American
Dancers are recognized with ribbons for their effort, attitude, and performance in routine classes. Ribbon winners will perform the Team Routine Selected semi- finalists perform an across the floor combination to showcase their technical abilities. The finalists will perform at closing ceremonies Dancers that take part in the Dance Star process will have the opportunity to be selected as an All American.
FIGHT SONG/HOME ROUTINE (Optional) - Teams may bring a Fight Song to be evaluated and/or a home routine to showcase. The Fight Song evaluation/Home Routine Showcase takes place on DAY 1 of camp. Teams will receive written feedback for their Fight Song performance. Use your traditional Fight Song or USA Fight Song available to learn online prior to camp. Add formation changes, visual effects, roll offs, skills, etc. Incorporations should be practical and crowd oriented. Fight Song routines should be no longer than 1 minute. Emphasis on TECHNIQUE, EXECUTION & SHOWMANSHIP. For the Home Routine Showcase, teams will receive verbal feedback from USA instructors. Home Routines should be no longer than 1 minute in length and can be words, music or a combination of both.

ROUTINE A & B SHOWCASE - This showcase takes place on DAY 3. Dancers will gain performance experience and confidence by showcasing Routine A and Routine B.

TEAM ROUTINE COMPETITION - Teams will leave camp with a performance ready team routine. Emphasis on the KNOWLEDGE, TECHNIQUE/EXECUTION & SHOWMANSHIP. Teams will compete this routine on Day 4. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies will be awarded.

Master Class
Learn current material from an industry professional.
Pin It Forward
This is an opportunity for select campers to be recognized by both the staff and their peers for demonstrating leadership, spirit, commitment, kindness and motivation.
Specialty Workshop
A variety of classes both skill based and material based will be offered during these workshops. To take full advantage of all classes & material, divide your team members and have them attend different classes.
Staff TeamMate
Each team will be assigned a Staff TeamMate for camp. This staff member will work closely with your team prepping them for evaluations and will focus on helping them accomplish camp goals.
Team Up for St. Jude
Teams are encouraged to participate in this philanthropy program supporting St. Jude Hospital by filling out fundraising letters.
Technique Workshop
Dancers will focus on a variety of technical skills and across floor combinations. A variety of levels will be offered.
Unity Games
Team bonding time and team building activities designed to unite your team!

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