USA Dance Team
Elite Invitational Camps

The USA Elite Invitational Camp Experience
Cutting Edge Advanced Choreography across all styles
• Elite level Technical Training
• Team Specialty Class like “Choose Your Challenge!”
• Master Classes

Elite Dance Team Camp Curriculum

Camp Dance
This is an exciting and challenging routine that your team will learn together. It’s a routine taught to an upbeat song with optional sections that vary in degree of difficulty. Your team will love learning and performing this as one!
Routines A & B
Dancers will spend 3 days with an instructor learning a routine to perform on the final days of camp. We encourage dancers to stay in their appropriate level but explore different styles of dance. The more you are able to divide your team, the more routines you have to take home to perform.
Showtime USA
Bring your home routine to camp for a performance on Night 1. Dancers will be evaluated by the USA instructors and receive their scoresheets on the final day of camp. These home routines are for evaluations only, no placements are given.
Choose Your Challenge
Work with a USA Instructor on a specialty of your choice! Each team selects a specialty they want to master at their level. Possible classes include jumps and leaps, turns, basic lifts and partnering/combinations, ballet, yoga, staging and formations, and across the floor progressions. This is always a dance camp favorite!
Choreography to Go (CTG)
Teams will choose from a variety of styles (Jazz, Pom, Hip Hop, Military and more). They will learn a routine together as a team. Officers will make changes to this routine to create a personalized routine for their team. This provides the officers with leadership opportunities and the team with another routine ready to take home. In previous years, this choreography assignment was done using Camp Dance. NOW, dancers will apply the CTG assignment to a style of their choice. Teams will perform the routine during the Closing Ceremonies and receive feedback from a USA instructor.
Drill Downs
Foster marching abilities for a strong first impression as your team takes the floor. Drill Downs encourage discipline, coordination, and listening skills in your dancers. Technique.
All levels of fundamental Jazz and Ballet technique are offered. Coaches will divide their team into the appropriate levels to ensure each dancer’s success. Dancers will stay in the same technique level for both days, as Technique II builds on ideas and combinations learned in Technique I.
This session is all about fun and teamwork. Dancers will learn to work together and have FUN!
Specialty Workshop
NEW! This is a unique and specialized opportunity for dancers to choose between a series of different options like Game Day, Improv, Technique and more. Offerings will vary based on camp location.
Dancers are recognized with ribbons for their effort, attitude, and performance in routine classes. Ribbon winners will perform the USA Camp Dance. Selected semi-finalists perform an across-the-floor combination to showcase their technical abilities. The finalists perform their own personalized choreography during the Closing Ceremonies!
Routine A Evaluation
At most camps, Routine A dances will perform for the entire camp. USA instructors will provide one-on-one feedback on each dancer’s knowledge of the routine, execution, and showmanship.
Routine Showcase
This showcase focuses on dancers gaining experience by performing routines in front of their peers. There are no evaluations, so dancers enjoy a stress-free and fun showcase, with family and friends welcomed as spectators.
Unity Workshop
A time for goal-setting. Dancers will bond with one another as they decide on their team’s purpose and aspirations for the school year.

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