JAMfest Europe

Liverpool, England

June 22-23, 2024

Email jLomba@varsity.com to register!

Pom dance team in close formation smiling and shaking pom-poms to the audience.

JAMfest Europe

Teams will take the floor to showcase a season of hard work and dedication. We hope you will join us this year at JAMfest Europe!

2024 Championship Information

General Information

We are currently on a waitlist! Please email jLomba@varsity.com to join the waitlist.

JAMfest Europe
June 21-23, 2024

Kings Dock Liverpool Waterfront
Liverpool, England, BC, L3 4FP

Event Contacts: Our team is here for your team. The following staff members can assist your program with this event:


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Coaches Information

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Spectator Information

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Rules, Divisions & Scoring

Rules, Available Divisions and Division Splits:

  • INTL Summit Bid Divisions
  • This event will follow IASF cheer and dance rules.
  • This event will follow Crossover Guidelines as listed on the SportCheer England 2023-2024 Age and Division Grid.
  • Available divisions can be found on the SportCheer England 2023-2024 Age and Division Grid. All division splits and combinations will follow the SCUK Age Grid 2023-2024 document available HERE.
  • Specialty Divisions are not available at this event. Please contact your JAMfest Europe Advisor for more information at mjenkinson@varsity.com.


  • Scoresheets will be sent to the email attached to the team or registration contact via email approximately 15 minutes after performance.  Paper copies will be available upon request at the scoresheet table.
  • Results will be available for coaches in the Coaches BAND following awards.

Required Paperwork